Vargo Gothic - What is it?


I did not like the lack of color but it does make sense with the whole dark theme so I'm okay with it.
I did not like the fact the major arcana was composed of already existing art! But despite that, there is still a connection with the tarot so it's okay.

I do like the goth theme.
I do like the fact it's not just "ONE thing" like all vampires, or all demons, or stuff like that. I believe you can't have all of ONE thing in a deck that you want to have a "realistic" feel.

But what draws me to this deck is how it's "for real." So for example beginning with the first card! The fool: straight up, this isn't your RW fool where "oh you'll be okay, just follow your heart." Nope, it's more like "know what you're getting yourself into and tread with caution." And then there's also the Queen of Swords along with other cards. The deck to me is realistic in the sense that it doesn't try to say "everything is good" because it's not and we need to be aware of this!