Venus shadow period - venus rx....feeling the affects ?


Its venus shadow period we are in now...this is the first pass that Venus makes through the Shadow, the area of the Zodiac where it will go retrograde.

During this phase Venus starts bringing issues to the surface, that will then need to be worked on throughout the rx cycle.

Venus goes rx about every 18 months, and this year Venus goes rx on March 6th - April which it will then go back direct.

I'm gonna leave a link to all this anyway.....but this shadow period has had an effect on me already.

The famous A guy i've been seeing, well i've totally gone off him now and don't even want to see him anymore, i feel like i've been living in a cloud for a few months, and now i've been brought back down to earth (finally), my feelings have gone from 90-1 in like a matter of days.

Also i have the issue with my ex, .....this story with him is to be continued, and this has also all happened recently in the past 3 weeks, during this Venus phase....and also out of the blue, if i may add, like feelings have arose that i never even knew i had.

Is anyone else feeling the effects already, or can recall back to the last venus rx and remember what happened. If so please share your story's.

BTW i hate Neptune planet, but love :heart: Venus....neptune can really get its claws into you, and you don't even realize.

Anyway here's a link for anyone who maybe interested in reading about it.