VII The Chariot--Archeon Tarot


This is one of my favorite Archeon images. The female figure reminds me of Athena (a very intelligent, strategic goddess), while the blue and red horses remind me of fire and ice: two opposing forces that can only be harnessed by the most powerful charioteer; only with strong direction and motivation can such powerful opposite be brought together.

Lantz chose, once again, to place a very large moon in the background (it might be the sun, but it's probably the moon. I only say it might be cuz of its color). The moon might signify the need to follow ones intuition when riding through life (or, at least, to use it in conjunction with reason and logic).

The Egyptian figure in the background is not an image with which I'm familiar, but he/she looks as though to be winged--which might signify the need to spread your wings.

The constellations may denote that which is already written in the universal history books: those things that we cannot control--like our destiny (if you buy into that). Or it could simply warrant the need to follow your star.

Go Lantz! Thanks, FS.


The goddess in the background is Maat, the goddess of truth, justice and order. After death, the person's soul was judged in the Hall of Maat. The person's heart was weighed against Maat's feather (the ostrich feather worn in the head dress). If the heart outweighed the feather, the person was deemed to be not worthy of entering the afterlife and the soul was devoured by Ammut.


It seems like the woman is wondering which one of the horse she will chose to follow. The figure in the background is disturbing..


I also like this card. There is a certain attraction to the card. The central character seems to be partly in a trance as she is holding back the two horses. She seems to do the driving intuitively. The two horses have a lot of energies.


LWB: "While there might exist great temptation to choose the easy road, she must be aware that to follow a path without obstacles is to take the road to nowhere."

The Northern Wind

I see 3 main elements on this card: the chariot, the star map and the sun.

The sun is the goal we have given to ourselves, the chariot is us and the map is the various paths we can take to reach the desired goal. The speed of travel depends on us and our motivation and during the travel we can encounter different problems: we can get lost, we can go in the wrong direction, we can find obstacles in the way, etc.

Interestingly, like FaerieStorm, I also believe the card tells us that the goal can be reached only if we listen both to reason and to emotions. I believe this is represented by the 2 horses. If we follow the red horse we are going in the direction of the Devil (also depicted in red) and desire.