Visconti Through A Shoebox Peephole



I'm not certain what the star you mention means, but if it somehow brings on you an injustice, i deeply regret it as i hold you in very high esteem.

Am i meant to try to do something like this? Except with one of our cards in the back?

Any advice regarding the peephole? I get the idea it should be on one of the long ends? And should the box be on its side so that card can stand upright?

Edited to add, I would never question the merit of any project you might undertake.

Pax et Bonum!




I'm not certain what the star you mention means, but if it somehow brings on you an injustice, i deeply regret it as i hold you in very high esteem......

"Every man and every woman is a star." Especially Rosanne. :grin:

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I apologise for sounding so terse Conversus- you did not bring an injustice on me.
Thank you LRichard for explaining my situation, I have not been a member here for sometime. For my lack of attention to that matter, I am constantly berating myself because as this a Tarot forum an uploaded picture, is worth gold. I will get my ducks in a row when money permits as forum membership is cheap in the scale of things. Australia is our neighbour after all, it surprises me how difficult it is to get it done when one does not online payment stuff. That does not excuse my post- but my annoyance was against myself- no one else. Mea Culpa.

I travel between towns with children, and the bits and pieces I doodle with get trashed along the way. A shoe box theater became a pizza box in no time.Fortunately my cards were safe and not in the box.
Yes CED the link is pretty good, The box is longer- the light hole should be underneath, the peephole is at the narrow end- so an oblong not a square box. Think of a box your last shoes came in, attach the card with paperclips - unless you wish to put a hole in the card (Lol). I had to make to different size boxes because reproduction cards with goldpaint are a different size to the photo reproductions, and that seems to be a hitch. The photo repros do not glitter as the originals would with the gilding, another hitch.
I was just so surprised when I decided to try the idea out, that perspective in the PMB was so obvious. Good luck if you wish to try the idea out. I would be interested in what other people think.
PS The Pax et Bonum, blew me away, I have just put an Italian tile above my door this morning with exactly that on it- so Peace and all Good to you too!



Fascinating insight. As you know, I've a thing for Tarot's hidden dimensions.

If you're into Latin, you might pick up some pointers on the math from Kircher's Artis Magnae: Lucis et Umbrae. Though he's more a contemporary of Noblet, his 'examination' of the interplay between light & shadow may offer a glimpse into the practice encrypting higher dimensional knowledge within lower dimensional forms. While I would argue it is something of running theme among the early Tarot decks, one cannot really appreciate that point-of-view until one steps outside of 'the box', so-to-speak.

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