Vision Quest - Ace of Air

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a large feather floating above the ground in the center of this card. It has a leather thong wrapped around the stem, with one end curling up the feather.

Significant Details: The feather signifies creative power which leads to clarity and victory of higher reason. The sun is not out, but is reflected in the large cloud. The smaller clouds seem to signify fast, rapid movement.

My Interpretation: You will be highly inspired, but beware of overexerting yourself. You will gain a higher insight into something which you are studying. You may experience mental clarity during this time.

This card is about quickly moving events, mentally and spiritually. It almost gives me a headache to look at it, as I can “see” the movement.

Almost all of the colors are represented on this card. The green thong on the feather and in the grass could be signifying growth, both mentally and spiritually.


Numerology Reference: 1 - Leader, Independent, Original, Determined, Self Assured, Creative, Ambitious, New beginnings, Opportunity, Potential

Keywords*: Inspiration, divine coincidence, higher insight, natural intelligence, mental clarity, intellectual peak performance

Inner message*: The carusel of thoughts that spins around endlessly in your head with or without your consent, now slows down enough to let higher inspirations come through to you. By trusting hunches and inner revelations and faithfully acting on them, you are led to your own true self quite easily. One of the greatest gifts is the state of serene equanimity that follows a moment of inspiration. This experience gives you the certainty that you are on the right track.

Outward manifestation*: No time to waffle, or compromise! Your newfound clarity enables you to discern between what is needed and good and what is useless and inappropriate at this time. Since you have found your inner balance, you can act decisively. Problems will be assessed and solved much more easily from now on. Confidently make the decsisions you have thought about for a long time. The answers are now obvious.

My Interpretation: It is time for a new cycle to start for you again. You are filled with inspiration, creativity, insight, clarity and natural intelligence. Trust your intuition to be led. You are on the right track. Make your decisions in confidence. The answers are now clear to you.

*From the LWB