Vision Quest - Ace of Fire

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a giant arrow emerging from a fire, the arrowhead is afire. There are distant mountains, and a brilliant sun is seen behind the middle of the arrow.

Significant Details: The arrow, with its arrowhead afire, signifies spiritual energy. The sun is very bright, very powerful, signifying a fire burning out of control, that it’s almost overpowering.

My Interpretation: You are in the process of making decisions that will affect your life for some time, a transformation of sorts. A new period or cycle of much activity is imminent.


Numerology Reference: 1 - Leader, Independent, Original, Determined, Self Assured, Creative, Ambitious, New beginnings, Opportunity, Potential

Keywords*: Power, vitality, transformation, sustained courage, joyously forging ahead, impetus to expand, strong self-confidence

Inner message*: These flames are sacred, not merely a sign of rising strength. They also hint at the possibility of a higher spiritual awakening. You now have access to an internal reservoir of sustained fiery power. Use it to expand your horizons. As you master the tasks that the new phase in your life brings, your consciousness will expand even further – beyond anything you can now conceive.

Outward manifestation*: Forge ahead full steam and with great confidence. For the moment nothing can stop you from manifesting your vision. You are riding a wave of fresh, enthusiastic energy. What you embark on now will be successful, be it a project or relationship. William Blake put it succinctly: “Energy is delight!” Aliveness is sheer bliss. Just being aware of the life force within can make you ecstatic. In a state of exhaustion nothing looks promising because there is no energy left to motivate and uplift. But charged with high energy, we become aware of the natural bliss that is constantly filling us. Use this opportunity. Flow with this vibrant stream of new-found power!

My Interpretation: There is a possibility that you are experiencing a higher spiritual awakening. Use it as your opportunity to expand your horizons. You have a lot of enthusiasm and confidence right now. Whatever you set yourself to do, you will do it successfully. You feel alive, or if you don’t you should. You are in the transition of starting a new cycle.

*From the LWB