Vision Quest - Ace of Water

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a lake surrounded by mountains in the distance. From the lake comes a stream, it goes between three tree trunks, and into a water basin, filling it to overflowing. The stream continues on down into the foliage.

Significant Details: The lightness from the card shows that the sun is out, even if we don’t see it. The water symbolizes the “life fluid”, continuing life, and fills the basin to overflowing. It’s as if the stream is over-powering, it has too much energy, it’s running fast.

My Interpretation: Your emotions are running high, you are filled with love, happiness, and gratitude; be careful not to let your emotions run too freely. You may feel more alive, more outgoing. This is a time of great productiveness; you will accomplish a lot right now.


I think the flow of the water also represent rapid changes of life.

Numerology Reference: 1 - Leader, Independent, Original, Determined, Self Assured, Creative, Ambitious, New beginnings, Opportunity, Potential

Keywords*:Fertility, emotional overflowing, love, fulfillment, happiness, gratitude, connection to the very source of being

Inner message*: The source of life is so juicy, it fertilizes everything. Since you are no longer intent on being paralyzed by fears of separation, you are ready to get in touch with the life-spring inside you. Simply fall into the inner juicyness that wells up on its own accord, as you will notice from now on. Allow all feelings to arise and dissolve. No judging them! Feel them completely, without struggliing to avoid or cling to them. Then there will be harmony within and without.

Outward manifestation*: Your feelings can flow much more freely now and conswequently change your life-style. By openly showing what you feel, you ‘speak’ the magic words that open countless doors. To admit your true feelings is to permit the exchange of the love that everyone longs for. Your task is to keep the channels open so this nourishing energy can flow. Just as the chalice filled with life-juice will never be drained, a steady stream of loving power flows through you – a never-ending stream of vital energy.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Since the end of Air, I’ve felt uneased. A new beginning, a fresh start gives me inner-peace to go on confidently. This card over-flows with joy, contentment, creativity, love, fertility, and so I feel peaceful yet again.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s

*From the LWB :)


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