Vision Quest - Four of Earth

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are pebbles set out in a circular design. There are round painted discs and a flower in this design as well.

Significant Details: The pebbles are laid out in a circular design with four painted discs representing the four elements. There is a flower in the middle representing life or spirit. There are pebbles leading away from the circle that represent the four directions.

My Interpretation: You are in a position of power or influence. You are striving for success and desire stability and security. You may have legal problems or misuse the power or influence that you have over a situation or person.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This card is very identical to the X-Small Medicine Wheel. There is the circle (almost set as a clock), the bird is changed for a flower, and they symbols on the discs are different. On the 4 (Security) we have the Thunderbird (Connection to the Great Spirit) in the North representing Air, the Sun (rebirth) in the East representing Fire, a Flower in the south representing Earth, and a Star (hope) in the West representing Water.

When looking at the 3 (Growth), 4 (Security) and 5 (Insecurity) we can see a continuance in the cards, as if a story is laid out. The red from the heart of the earth in the 3 is continued in the background of the 4, and the brown of the 4 is continued in the 5.

The green growth in the 3 is more subtle in the 4, while the earthiness/groundedness of the brown is more prominent in the 4 (needed for security) and continued in the 5 where there is no growth (green) as would be expected with insecurity.


Numerology Reference: 4 - Security, Stability, Foundation, Focus, Structure, Stagnation

Keywords*: Security, position of power, influence through money, striving for security and success, desire for lasting stability, law and order, also misuse of power

Inner message*: Be aware of how much material security you really need in your life, and what this security means to you. What is it that makes you inwardly feel safe? What is needed now to stabilize you emotionally? If you let yourself fall – into your own depths, you realize that true security always comes from inside.

Outward manifestation*: Now you can reveal your influence on certain matters and step out from behind the scenes. But don’t forget that outer creations or power demonstrations merely grant an illusory sense of security. Accepting our absolute insecurity is the only way to remain safe. So learn to rest in apparent insecurity. Begin to recognize the unchanging power in every change, every new and different situation. In this welcoming acceptance, you find the security that knows no change.

My Interpretation: You are secured at this moment in your life, you have the power to influence others. Be careful not to misuse this power or there may be severe consequences. Your financials are doing well. Even when you feel insecure, find the security from within. Know how much materiality you need in your physical life. What happens when you don’t have this? This card is a reminder how important it is to be secure from within, as well.

*From LWB