Vision Quest - IV Grandfather (The Emperor)

Soaring Eagle

The Grandfather - Chief of his people is standing in a field next to a baby buffalo with a staff in his hands. The teepees of his people are seen behind him in a field of blue. The sky is streaked with red, orange, and yellow.

The Grand Father is powerful in his calmness and comprehension of universal laws and universal connectedness of all creation. He accepts the responsibility of his position on the spiritual path he has chosen, as he watches over his people. The feathers that he wears, along with his staff, with its feather, represents his leadership and justice he must be prepared to render if necessary.

I interpret this card as meaning: Your life will be smoother if you cultivate leadership and stability in order to progress. You may be influenced by a charismatic personality. You may move into a position of power in your job. This is a good time for real estate transactions.

Soaring Eagle

As I have chosen to use this deck in my IDS group, I started really looking at this card. One thing that really stands out is the colors. The sky with the red, orange and yellow seem to really makes me feel pleasure, contentment, harmony, protection. The blue in the background makes me feel secure. The green grass gives me a sense of adventure and health. The brown of the bison and clothing of the Grand Father give me a sense of stability, of something tangible.

I can easily see the Grand Father in a role of leadership and responsibility, but maybe he is also setting out on an adventure. Maybe he is looking for where he will move his people, as the teepees are a sign of a nomadic people. I get of sense of new beginings, but with security and protection. The Grand Father won't allow harm to come to those he protects.


Description: The man is standing in the middle of a green meadow, his buffalo Spirit Guide right next to him. He is holding his stick (?) with two hands, and he has a feather-filled Native American hat (not sure how you call those, I mean no offense!). In the background there are five Tipis. The sun is setting.

Colors: Green, brown, blue, yellow and orange

Symbols: The Tipis in the background, represent temporary home meaning that he is, or someone who passes him, is on their journey. The young buffalo represents the starting of the journey and acquiring knowledge & wisdom. The grand father is the keeper of history and the storyteller, one who is willing to share his stories for those who ask

Numerology Reference: Security, Stability, Foundation, Focus, Structure, foundation, stability, stagnation

Keywords*: Protection, generous benefactor, ruling by serving, position of responsibility, help in moments of need, wisdom, elevation, nobility, courage, authority, reliability

Inner message*: The power of the Grand Father is always alive in us. As soon as you recollect this part of yourself, its qualities are yours. The Grand Father may also represent the physical father you never had or who was not there for you. Generally he stands for the ability to take matters into your own hands while granting your inner child the certainty that it will be protected and well taken care of. He represents the power of the grown man who has welcomed and integrated his feminine side. This makes him an inwardly complete unity. His intentions are no longer divided, so he can use his full authority for the benefit of beings everywhere.

Outer message*: Drawing the Grand Father to you signifies that it is time to stop hiding your inherent strengths. Reveal them for all the world to see! Respect your inner authority and exude it – even at work. True responsibilty is a responsiveness to life. Do not hide from this. You have gathered enough experiences and realizations. Now use them for your benefit and that of everyone else. The ability to grant spiritual as well as material help and protection to others is a tremendous gift. Remember the generosity of the buffalo. He gives of himself, he continuously emanates his strength. You too must give away without hesitation what the Great Spirit has bestowed on you in its infinite generosity.

My Interpretation: The Grand Father has the history, the stories and the wisdom, which is more than willing to share with anyone who asks. He is the Chief, the protector and the leader of his own – he will not fail on his duties. No matter how intimidating he might be at first, he is actually rather laidback, and he asks you to take it easy and not hurry.

*From the LWB