Vision Quest - Nine of Air

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is an owl sitting on a pile of rocks. Laid upon the rocks are nine feathers. Behind the owl are pine trees, and in the sky is the crescent moon.

Significant Details: To some people the owl is the wise teacher, and to others he is the bringer of bad news, death. In this card, he is both. The rock on which the owl is perched signifies that we have a solid base beneath us.

My Interpretation: You feel hurt or angry over something that has happened in your life. You may feel responsible for this event, and because of this you are suffering. You are unwilling or unable to forgive yourself and others at this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: When comparing the 9(Hurt) to the 8(Interference) and 10(Negative Thinking) I get a sense of self-hurt. The owl is the wise teacher come to help us mentally and spiritually, but he is also letting us know that we have brought this hurt upon ourselves. As he perches on the rock he is also letting us know that we have a solid mental/spiritual foundation beneath us, we only need to open our minds/heart/spiritual connections to find this firm base.


Numerology Reference: 9 - Fruition, Attainment, Bringing Things to a Conclusion

Keywords*: Hurt, vengefulness, anger, self-condemnation, suffering, agonized thinking, unwillingness or inability to forgive oneself and others

Inner message*: This card warns you that it is high time to look at what you are doing. For how long have you clung to something that you know is detrimental to you? Why do you insist on hurting yourself this way? Why won’t you allow the old wounds to heal? Watch the thoughts you use to torment your own being. Remember the answers you alone carry within you.

First Impression:Ugh, this suit makes me frustrated, I don’t even know why…

Outward manifestation*: You are responisble for what you make of your life. No childhood pain, however severe, can still be used as an excuse not to be kind and forgiving today! Investigate the real source of your guilt feelings. Your work and your relationships can blossom only if you accept yourself excactly as you ARE right now.
My Interpretation: Because the heartache you have gone through in your past, you feel extremely hurt. This may come out as anger. You’re not accepting yourself as who you are but dwell on the past and what you wanted to happen back then. Go to the real source of what is going through in you, go through it, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Only that will allow you to go on. You will come out stronger than before. The end of this cycle is near.

*From the LWB