Vision Quest - Nine of Fire

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a wand of some sort floating in the middle of this card. The blue and red in the sky and red rocks at the front give everything a “dark” feeling, but there is light seen towards the back of the card. There is a nine-branched bolt of lightning reaching all areas of the card.

Significant Details: The wand is symbolizing our inner strength, and the green growth at the top would be growth. The lightning, very forceful by nature, very powerful, is signifying that changes are coming. The light in the background comes from the sun, signifying that there is a happy ending in sight.

My Interpretation: You need to use your inner strength and courage to overcome an obstacle. Although there is opposition in your life, there will be a break-through, a time of peace is coming. This is a time of growth, especially spiritually.


Numerology Reference: 9 - Fruition, Attainment, Bringing Things to a Conclusion

Keywords*: Inner strength, breaking through, growth, courage, resolve, concentrated energy, hidden forces made conscious

Inner message*: Just as the seed sprouts green leaves out of nowhere, you can trust that your own hidden-strengths will sprout. You know they exist within. All you need is a little more patience and faith in your inner growth process. The new power arising within you expands your comprehension of where you stand.

Outward manifestation*: A deepening trust in your own growth process allows you to become creative in a new, more fulfilling area. Your energy is high enough to let you find better ways to express yourself and get things done. Enjoy these ‘high times’! Appreciate the clarity this upsurge of energy-brings to your perceptions.

My Interpretation: Inner-strength and courage is now needed to overcoming inner-fears. Know that you are capable of doing anything, more than you might realize. A peaceful time is coming, end is near, so stay patient. All that you have learned are there to teach you something, so you will get a higher understanding, and grow especially spiritually.

*From the LWB