Vision Quest - Seven of Fire

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are seven torches which have been recently put out. Six of the torches (three on each side) are the same size and criss-cross. The seventh torch is larger and centered above the others. The background is blue, giving a sense of calmness. The sun in the sky is not putting out much light.

Significant Details: The torches recently put out torches signify an ending. The way the troches criss-cross signify obstacles or difficulties. The larger torch signifies that we need to center ourselves. The sun is giving us hope, even though it is not bright.

My Interpretations: Endurance and stamina are needed to get through a rough patch. There will be obstacles and difficulties in the near future. You need to look inside yourself for the solution to these obstacles.


Keywords*: Endurance, stamina, bravery, perseverance, remaining in the present, breakthrough, centering

Inner message*: Do not identify yourself too much with problems in your environment. Even if you feel shaken and insecure, you can rely on your inner being’s unwavering presence. This is not a time to give up and resign. Use the obstacles in your path as an opportunity to grow in consciousness, instead of telling yourself they must be insurmountable.

Outward manifestation*: Even if a certain situation demands some pushiness on your part, it will serve to strengthen your self-confidence. What matters is staying faithful to your own truth now. Here is your chance to stand up for what you believe without compromises. Stay centered, focused and allow things to untangle themselves. Your courage is a flame that cannot be extinguished!

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: It seems that the smoke from the torches are sending a message to the spirit world. Are the torches up in the air, or are they sort of imagined since they are so high above the ground? I personally love the image in this one, the skyline is very pretty!

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s amazing interpretation ;)

*From the LWB