Vision Quest - Six of Air

Soaring Eagle

Description: The landscape is painted blue with green plants growing. The sun is definitely shining, but is hidden by the spirit/war shield. The shield has a sun painted in the very center, with five feathers hanging down, and one feather at the top that is hanging down. There is hair secured to the sides of the shield.

Significant Details: The shield is a tool used on spiritual journeys, and in battle. The six feathers represent how far you have come on your spiritual path. The sun, hidden behind the shield, shows that things are improving. The hair on the sides of the shield are taken from the enemy, thus they represent bravery.

My Interpretation: Things are clearing up for you. Use your insight and creative vision to balance things in your life. You are entering a time of “inner balance”, a time when you are mentally and spiritually balanced.

My Feelings: I get a sense of clarity looking at this card. It is vibrant with the golden yellow in the sky and the pink rocks at the bottom. Then there are all of the small green plants growing.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The white bird at the base of the shield could be a symbol of truth, of knowing oneself. The Sun in the center of the shield is definately representing the sun that is hidden behind the shield. It could symbolize the begining of the spiritual journey.

Pink is the color of spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit. As the rocks and mountains are pink, they are signifying that we are in a time of spiritual awakening/healing.

As I compare this card to the 5 (Fear) and 7(Futility), I get a sense of a spiritual awakening. This is the time after our fear of inadequacy and before our feelings of futility. We have a chance for spiritual growth, we are strong and brave (as represented by the shield) and can overcome our fears.


Numerology Reference: 6 - Fulfillment, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Communication, Problem-Solving, Cooperation, Balance, Relaxation

Keywords*: Clarity, intelligence, insight, creative vision, equanimity, inner balance, direct knowledge

Inner message*: The more you know yourself, the clearer your insights into your relationships become. The more attention you pay to your own inner truth, the more loving your communication with others will be. Once you have stopped struggling with yourself, harmony and wisdom prevail.

Outward manifestation*: This is a great moment to gain clarity about a problematic situation. Confidently express your preferences in an important matter without becoming manipulative. Conflicts will be resolved as long as you are willing to be alert enough to remain true to your heart. By showing what values you cherish and what is important to you, others find the courage to admit their truth as well.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s.

*From the Accompanying LWB