Vision Quest Study Group


Anybody interested? I hope so :)
If such a group exists yet, please show me the link!


There is no study grup :(
I have the deck and use it to read in public - among others. So iffffff a study group developes - I would participate... :)


Vision Quest

yes i have the deck and would love to share within a study group.....




Let's get this thing started!

There are a few folks who have expressed an interest in the Vision Quest Deck Study Group. However, no one has actually started one. So That is what I am doing. I will begin with the Clown. This card would be equal to the Fool in the RSW or Thth decks.

Look for the New Thread post.


Soaring Eagle

I have added the rest of the cards so that this deck now has it's own sub-forum, but would enjoy company in this study group. Anyone want to join in?


As soon as I get my deck, I would love to join! I would even love to do IDS of this deck! My deck should arrive within a week, hopefully next Tuesday (25th October)..the latest on Thursday!

Soaring Eagle

That would be great! :) I truly love working with this deck. I completed my IDS with this deck, that's why all the cards are now posted. I am watching all the threads in this study group, so I will know when posts are made. Feel free to join us in the IDS thread in the Talking Tarot Forum. This is the link to the IDS. It's a great support group.


Thanks! I actually had a look at it earlier today and was wondering if it's still open ;).

Soaring Eagle

The IDS group is always open, as is this study group, to new participants. The more the merrier. :)