Vision Quest - Ten of Earth


Numerology Reference: 10 - Completion, End of a Cycle, Renewal

Keywords*: Wealth, overflowing, luxury, abundance, rich harvest, best intentions, your creativity bears fruit

Inner message*: You have found an opening to your inner treasure cahmber. Now you can radiate this glory and warm the whole world. Let others share in your good fortune. Whatever you share comes back to you manyfold. The most precious thing you have is your inner being – just as it is. To be truly wealthy means giving of your inner self unrestrictedly.

Outward manifestation*: All that energy you have invested in your self-discovery now bears fruit. Abundantly! The more faithful you are to your inner values, the more gifts are showered on you. However, this internal and external wealth must not remain static. To use it intelligently, it must be circulated. Perhaps this is a good time to pour some of your overflowing energy into a venture that has less to do with material profit-taking than with loving generosity.

My Interpretation: You have now come a full circle in your life! After all the hardwork, both internally and outwardly, it is now paying off. You have learned so much along the way, not only about yourself but also how to deal with different situations. That is something that not all of us will learn. So go ahead, go to your next journey with confidence. Now is time for your creativity to shine, use it! Embrace and love life, be grateful of all that you have received. Go spoil yourself a little bit but be careful of spending too much money on luxuries. Remember this moment. You’re overflowing with joy and contentment.

*From the LWB