Vision Quest - Ten of Water

Soaring Eagle

Description: This card shows a woman in a pool of water, holding a water jug on her head. The pool of water is fed by ten waterfalls. There is a rainbow above the waterfall.

Significant Details: The rainbow is a symbol of the clearing of the storm; the passing of all the bad events. The waterfalls do not appear forceful, yet they are making a splashing in the pool, they are signifying the continuance of our emotional growth.

My Interpretation: You have a sense of completion, or of fulfillment. Everything is going your way. This would be a good time for social activities. You are more attuned to your emotions.

The rocks on the lower waterfalls are green, allowing us to see our emotional growth. One of these rocks is heart shaped, possibly it is signifying that we have grown in our power to love? The rainbow really makes me feel content. I love to see rainbows, I always feel happy, I know that the worst is over. The white of the water splashing in the pool makes me feel that I my emotions are pure, and that I can purely love.


Numerology Reference: 10 - Completion, End of a Cycle, Renewal

Keywords*: Fulfillment, completion, endowment, attunement, ultimate satisfaction, radiant manifestation of divine power, blessed state

Inner message*: If you can stay open now, you will be given so much that you no choice but to rejoice. But we are less familiar with bliss than with suffering and sometimes have to learn how to bear a sudden influx of tremendously fulfilling energy. To re-discover yourself as a child of pure Love in a paradise of your own making is a healing vision. It is grace.

Outward manifestation*: Accomplishment, unqualified success! Generosity in your feelings, thoughts and actions will enhance your feeling of satisfaction even more. In this state, other people’s successes instantly become your own. Hold on to nothing now. Just flow along with this blessed power. There is enough for everybody! Clinging to people and objects as we have all been taught, turns even kings and queens into beggars. Discard all feelings or ideas of lack and enjoy.

First Impression: Once this place is found, do not let go of it! I feel like the same girl that was on the image of Nine has moved on to find this paradise. She only found this place because she has shown inner growth – mentally, physically and spiritually. She is now playing with the water creatures, and have found a beautiful place to stay at. She takes care of this place very well, like she should.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s interpretation.

*From the LWB