Vision Quest - Three of Earth

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are three trees, without leaves, below the trees you can see their roots twining around the heart of the earth, and the starts of new three new trees.

Significant Details: The seeds and starts signify new growth, a break-through. The heart and seeds show us strength, the power to regenerate and grow.

My Interpretation: You have an enhanced creativity right now. You are experiencing growth in some aspect of your life. You may experience a break-through in your personal or work life. Patient vigilance and concentration may be needed right now.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: These three cards, the 2 (Change), 3 (Growth) and 4 (Security) have a connectedness in that the green (growth/change) from the 2 continues to the three, and the red (power) from the 3 continues to the 4. Also, each of these cards features a plant, in the 2 a vine, in the 3 trees and sprouts, in the 4 a flower. Change, Growth, and Security are all connected; you can not have one without the other.


Numerology Reference: 3 - Time, Creativity, Versatility, Development, Abundance, Triad, Initial Achievement of Goals, Growth

Keywords*: Growth, productive work, enhanced creativity, patient vigilance, precision, concentration, break-through

Inner message*: If you steadfastly concentrate on what you have planned, without become blinded or distracted, you can use this rising strength very fruitfully. Just as there are times to celebrate and do nothing, there are phases where work gets done with great ease. This is such a time. Make use of it!

Outward manifestation*: Simply concentrate on your work and what you have planned. You now have everything it takes to complete a task joyfully and with success. Your willingness to pay attention to details will bring you more than the desired recognition. Whatever you touch will turn out well, if you just stay focused now.

My Interpretation: I couldn't have put it better than Soaring Eagle!

*From LWB