Vision Quest - Two of Fire

Soaring Eagle

Description: A giant hand is seen in the distant mountains, it holds two arrows crossed in a closed fist. The sun is seen peeking through the clouds.

Significant Details: The two arrows signify the ability and willpower to harness both positive and negative energies to make changes in life. The sun is bright and powerful, but not overpowering.

My Interpretation: There is tension or indecision in relationships or friendships. You are having difficulty gaining a sense of balance because you have no definite plans as to the direction you want to go. You are faced with having to balance two important things in life without being able to make a firm decision.


Numerology Reference: 2 - Duality, Harmony, Choices, Unity, Balance, A Crossroad or Choice, Partnership

Keywords*: Will, dominance, control, confidence in one’s power, clear focus, positive action, mastery of a situation

Inner message*: You don’t need to manipulate anything in or outside of yourself. If you just stay centered now, everything will turn out well. No self-control is necessary, just a loving connection to your real being. If you entrust yourself to its greater will, your conscious volition effortlessly moves and does what is needed at any given time.

Outward manifestation*: Positive events occur by themselves if you stay calm and collected now. When your life force can flow without your willful interference, you are on the right track! Your present task is to find the good will that nature gave you and let it do the work you used to take upon yourself.

My Interpretation: You are juggling two life events at once. Be careful to not lose control. If you find the balance from within, things will go smoothly for you. When your life force can flow without your willful interference, you are on the right track!

*From the LWB