Vision Quest - XII Vision Quest

Soaring Eagle

A Medicine Man is on a mountain top, his arms reaching towards the sun. He has a blanket, blowing in the wind, hanging from his shoulders, and his hair has five eagle feathers in it. A giant eagle is apparent next to or behind the sun, which is burning brightly.

Significant Details:
The vision quest is a quest for spiritual knowledge/meanings, and is considered very sacred to most native peoples. The blanket the Medicine Man uses is woven with the journey he has made on his spiritual path. If the Medicine Man opens his eyes, he may very well see that the eagle has come to guide him. If he does not, he just may miss the message that the spirit realm is sending him. The sun is burning brightly not only radiating heat, but also emanating a lot of power for the medicine man to use, contain, for his spiritual purposes.

My Interpretation:
A challenge to the way you think and live is coming. You may be consumed by a period of inaction, emptiness, use this time to reestablish your values, beliefs, or viewpoint. Keep your feet on the ground and do not be taken in by illusions. You need to make a decision; this is a good time for meditation, for looking within yourself.


Numerology Reference: Time, Creativity, Versatility, Development, Abundance, Triad, Initial Achievement of Goals, Growth

Keywords*: Initiation; meditation; surrender; emptiness; patience; change of values, beliefs, viewpoints; new outlook; sincere search for meaning

Inner message*: The message of this card may be one of the most difficult to accept. Not because it is abstract, but because it often seems almost impossible to let go of the opinions and values of the past. Our past is the familiar, the known. It gives us an illusory sense of safety, a kind of identity to which we usually cling whatever it may cost us. Thus our past determines who we are, have been and will be in the future. Past means tradition. Tradition is the illusion of continued stability.

But if we want to truly and effectively embark on a Vision Quest, it has to be with our totality, our whole being. Nothing can be withheld. At first, this process threatens to strip away the very ground on which we stand. We plunge headlong into the inner emptiness. (In older Tarots, the Hanged Man dangles head-down from a branch to illustrate his entirely different outlook on the world). Now we perceive ourselves and our whole life from an utterly unfamiliar position. We are no longer in control. We are in limbo, set adrift. The unknown flings the doors of our perception wide open. It is not helpful to rehash what we known and thus repeat old mind-games all over again. Just as we cannot run from pain, but must pass through it until it dissolves, we cannot run from this major shift in our growth. In everyone’s life there comes a point where no escape from the inner ‘abyss’ is possible. Braverly pass through the eye of this needle. To postpone it, won’t get you anywhere.

Outward manifestation*: A reality-check is needed! This is no time to go out and start something new and radical. Your primary focus must be on letting old structures drop away. Don’t interfere with your inner growth process, just be aware of what is happenning inside. To have the willingness to let go is grace itself. Its is one of the most important steps on the spiritual path. Without the capacity to surrender and relax our grip, we keep the doors to the inner sanctuary closed. Only a conscious fall into the inner ‘emptiness’ lets us recognize the limitlessness of our being. And this alone reveals the deeper meaning of our life.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Is he rejoicing or praying to the sun for a brand new day, for a brand new beginning?

My Interpretation: A drastic change is coming. It will challenge everything that you are and you believe in, the way you live and think. You’re experiencing inner growth, listen to the voice within. Recognize it but do not interfere. Open your eyes to see for the very first time with a refresh outlook on life, and on who you are. If you don’t open your eyes, you might miss a message from your Spirit Guide(s).

*From the LWB