Vision Quest - XIII Transformation

Soaring Eagle

A corpse is on a raised burial platform, there is also the corpse of a horse below the burial platform. An owl spirit is seen sweeping through the burial platform. The cresent moon and stars are clealy visible in the night sky.

Significant Details:
The owl has come to collect the spirit of the dead, and take it to the spirit realm, transforming it into pure spirit. The owl is also moving rapidly, signifying rapid changes.

My Interpretation:
A significant transformation approaches. An unplanned event requires you to make a dramatic or radical change. Illusions are stripped away, leaving you with only the bare truth. A possible inheritance or unexpected money may come your way.

Soaring Eagle

The horse usually signifies a journey. In this card, the horse signifies that the journey is over.

The owl is said to symbolize "the souls of the departed." I don't see it as a bad omen, rather as transporting the souls of the departed.


Numerology Reference: Foundation, Focus, Structure

Keywords*: Dying to be reborn; death process; shedding the past; letting go of old patterns, dogmas & values; ‘letting it be’ on the deepest level; inwardly returning to the source

Inner message*: This card does not represent physical death! Every transformation is a new beginning. So don’t waste energy on trying to stop the inevitable. You are simply ready to let go of more unnecessary baggage. The card hints at a long overdue disengagement from certain situations, sometimes the departure of people. However, in its highest aspect, this image repersents the soul’s longing to be born anew. This can only happen when needless structures and mental veils crumble or fall.

Outward manifestation*: Don’t cling to a single thing! Allow everything to disperse itself. Even if it seems unbearable at first. You are simply creating more space to accommodate some important newcomers in your life. Your sense of being forsaken will soon turn into joy! But the ego wants to avoid transitions. It fears the new. It tenaciously clings to the familiar. It rather exists in prolonged stagnation and deathlike boredom than surrender to what it can never know – thereby causing much more pain, of course. But you have the courage and understanding to welcome profound changes. Do not postpone this transition. It is a transformation!

My Interpretation: We go through a transformation a few times in our lifetime. This is one of those times for you. Leave the excess behind you, do what’s necessary to make this transformation happen. Don’t postpone it anymore, if you have been postponing it. Now is the time. You will feel refresh and reborn afterwards. This also might signify a transformation to/with the Spiritual realm. You might receive an unexpected message. Be alert.

*From the accompanying LWB