Vision Quest - XIX Sun

Soaring Eagle

The Medicine Woman puts her hands up towards the sun, which has feathers for rays of sunshine. There are currents of magic shown in the background. There are three hummingbirds flying around the Medicine Woman and cactuses.

Significant Details:
The sun is responding to her magic. The currents of magic shown in the background allow her to draw upon the magic of the sun. The Medicine Woman seems to have control of the element of fire. The Medicine Woman symbolizes “trial by fire”, the tempering of the body, mind, and spirit through harsh, difficult events.

My Interpretation:
Positive happenings leave you with a sense of freedom and joy. You may be blessed with material gain or recognition for your work. Good news is coming.


I think in this image, the three hummingbirds represent joy, healing, soul carriers, sunkissers and freedom.

Numerology Reference: Completion, End of a Cycle, Renewal; Leader, Independent, Original, Determined, Self Assured, Creative, Ambitious, New beginnings, Opportunity, Potential

Keywords*: Evolution, vitality, illumination, beauty, joyous fulfillment, contentment, bliss, love, ripeness, inner and outer abundance

Inner message*: The light of the sun keeps us alive. Its warmth allows us to exist on this planet. No wonder our ‘primitive’ ancestors prayed to it as to a god or goddess. To them, the sun most vividly represented the presence of an immeasurable and eternal divine power.

Solar power makes you enter a new stage in life now, a phase of happiness, fulfillment and gratitude. Your inner sun is rising! Its radiance illumines your path. You no longer need help from outside when you learn to trust your inner Sun. That’s what all our striving is truly about: to find our own, unique way; to live our own realization, to follow our own inner light. The Sun is a sign that you are very close to this.

Outward manifestation*:With the dawning of a new awareness, everything changes within and without. The vibrations of the coming age are touching you, altering your outlook, sweeping through your consciousness, freeing it from old thought patterns and the bondage of rigid routines. In this release, your energy wants to dance, to celebrate, to soar in unknown heights. The Sun reflects the pioneering spirit that forges ahead with unflagging optimism and strength for the benefit of all. Surrender to the kiss of the inner Sun! Most of all enjoy this eternal moment of being filled with sheer presence.

My Interpretation: Being set free from the past to enter positivity, freedom and joy. Be in the moment, so you’ll remember the moment when hard times come again. You can always come back to it and remember that you can achieve joy again, and what a great joy it is! Good news is coming your way, someone may pay you a visit from your past. Reconnecting with Earth. Balance.

*From LWB