Vision Quest - XVI Chaos

Soaring Eagle

There is a horse next to a cliff edge, rearing in fear. The forest is on fire, and the smoke is whirling next to the horse. A bolt of lightning striked beside the horse.

Significant Details:
The horse (in this instance, symbolic of the overblown human ego, vaunting pride, and refusal to take action on a circumstance) is being scared by chaotic conditions created by imbalances in physical life and spiritual growth. The sky is filled with fire, smoke, and lightning. There is always spiritual light in the midst of unpleasant lessons if one will change perspective and look for it.

My Interpretation:
You witness or experience a shocking event that leaves you changed. Potential catastrophe is near; be prepared. Your life is complicated by discord in a relationship or the family. Unforseen setbacks bring despondency and a period of frustration. Your dreams may disintegrate into ashes.


Numerology Reference: Challenges, Victory, Exploration, Insight

Keywords*: Upheaval; storm; abrupt change; shedding of old values, concepts, ideas and concerns; breaking away from restrictions; walls tumbling within and without

Inner message*: Whether you want to or not, chaos will liberate you from the narrow confines that kept you safe but bound. Revolting against these fateful forces will only intensify your pain. Go with the flow, instead of resisting it! The less you struggle, the easier these necessary changes will become. Trust the forces of upheaval. Trust the internal (and possibly external) chaos that shakes up your life. Once the strom has passed, you will feel more free, awake and open. Remember stars are born out of chaos. We only fear this power because we cannot control it. In reality chaos is the raw material of transformation.

Outward message*: Everything is up in the air. Inner inhibitions and outer restrictions collapse without warning. A higher power blasts away your self-imposed mental and perhaps even tangible prison walls. This may relate to a work-situation that is no longer suitable for you, take the form of a sudden change of address, or end a partnership (one you hang on to like a bad habit). If that is the case, be honest with yourself. All old crutches eventually break. Throw them away willingly! This apparently negative and fearsome upheaval is making room for new and better things. Understand that everything is for your greater good!

My Interpretation: This card is often viewed as something negative, something to be feared. Although our worlds might tumble for a period of time, one must remember it shall past. This shake is supposed to happen, as you’re making room for something better. The change often comes unexpectedly. This is not to be feared but embraced and remembered as something that it is happening for the greater good.

*From the accompanying book, for those who might want/need it