Vision Quest - XX Spirit Guide

Soaring Eagle

Three people are seen riding horses through a canyon, they are cast in shadow. There is an angel and a spirit eagle in the cloud formations in the sky.

Significant Details:
As the three riders continue their spiritual journey, the angel and eagle look on with love and understanding. The angel is the symbol of all lives, past, present, and future. Help is there for the riders in the form of the angel and eagle, and the light reflected from them if only the riders would open their eyes and reach out spiritually to them.

My Interpretation:
You may be visited by someone from your past. How you handle karmic issues will affect your life during this time. You may experience a change of job or home. You may feel the need to study a new spiritual path. You will face an unpleasant but necessary decision.


Numerology Reference: Duality, Harmony, Choices, Unity, Balance, duality, a crossroad or choice, partnership

Keywords*: Awakening, revelations, spiritual assistance, psychic experiences, a messenger from another dimension, release

Inner message*: Help from higher spheres is on its way! Your guardian angel or spiritual benefactor has not forgotten you. Perhaps your memory of these unseen forces has become too vague. Remember! The Mystery is always in us and all around us, yet we ignore it. Preoccupied with thoughts, we sleep through most of our life and wonder why we are unhappy… We are like fishes in the sea that desperately ask everyone where to find water. Let yourself be accompanied now, inspired by the wisdom and compassion of your Spirit Guide.

Outward message*: We often find ourselves in situations where miracles happen before our very eyes. But we don’t notice. We have become blinded, tone-deaf, our senses have been dulled. The greater your sensitivity, the more acutely you will feel the presence of helpful influences in your life. That all of us are accompanied by loving beings becomes quite clear once we open ourselves to their input. Be receptive throughout your daily life and work. Once these forces begin to permeate you, you’ll no longer be a Sunday-saint. You cannot condemn others when you know that these forces exist in every creature and belong to all. The compassion of angels, the power of our spiritual helpers, can only function in freedom and love. It flows through the innocent, the transparent heart.

My Interpretation: I didn’t understand the image until tonight that the three men on their horses are Wanderers, one who search for answers their whole life. They’re on their spiritual journey. On their journey, they have become very attuned to their inner voice, and the Spirit Guides are helping them from above. They know they will find the answers as long as they follow their Spirit Guides. They know they will experience awakening, several awakenings actually, on their journey of life.

*From the accompanying LWB in case you have lost yours ;)