Vision Quest - XXI Big Medicine Wheel

Soaring Eagle

The Big Medicine Wheel is centered in the card, it is made of beads. The world is positioned in the center of the wheel, with a snake curled up on the top. In the four corners are the Medicine Man, Eagle, Puma, Mountain Goat.

Significant Details:
The Medicine Man has completed his journey from Clown to Big Medicine Wheel. It was a long road, but one that benefitted him greatly. By learning how to work with the elements, he has learned to connect with the Universe.

My Interpretation:
Everything is going right for you. You need to cut away all the dead wood and begin a new path in life. This is a good time to achieve your goals. You are entering a period of success in all areas of your life. New opportunities arrive.


Numerology Reference: Time, Creativity, Versatility, Development, Abundance, Triad, Initial achievement of goals, growth, creativity, abundance

Keywords*: The new dimension, creation, new paradigm, transmutation, global consciousness, individual awareness, altruism, openness, sharing, recognizing and assuming your rightful place in life

Inner message*: In the center of the Big Medicine Wheel, planet earth is seen spinning, crowned by the Snake that symbolizes the mystical power of creation to constantly transmute and re-invent itself by taking countelss forms. The Mountain Lion is known as a sign of spiritual guidance, physical prowess and the ability to follow one’s heart. The White Buffalo is most special to Native Americans. It is revered as a sign of answered prayers, renewal and grace. The Eagle always symbolizes the Great Spirit. Its feathers are sacred and have been used by medicicine fold since time immemorial during healing ceremonies, to gaze into realms beyond mundane life, expand one’s horizon and establish a connection with the unseen world. The human animal is just one part of the endlessly circular motion of Big Medicine Wheel. He is not positioned above nature or any other creature. It behooves man to remember his place in the great Medicine Wheel.

This card embodies all stages of learning in the visible and invisible worlds. It stands for physical and spiritual rebirth and for completion. Now Big Medicine Wheel encourages you to leave behind your old life-style and embrace the new phase. Let go of your past. Thank it, bless it, but don’t carry it around like so much dead weight. What is really belongs to you will stay and always be available to you. But your past no longer exists, it is a mere memory that must now give way to an infintely more fulfilling present. If you wish, you can seizze this great opportunity to wake up, to become more conscious and begin a different life.

Outward message*: A major change in your circumstances is likely. The eternal Wheel is turning, showing you a new direction. This may relate to your work, love life or the entire network of your relationships. Don’t let the fears and doubts habitually produced by your head hold you back. Something fresh and exciting is almost within reach. Be ready to receive it. Dare to plunge into the freedom of the unknown! Dare to jump into a life of greater beauty and fulfillment.

My Interpretation: This card is about the ever-changing life. Being open enough to find new dimensions and new awareness to go through life. The World is in our hands, it is just the way we interact and see it, it is upon us what we decide to do with it. It is up to us how we see life, or if we see it at all from the busy schedules we nowadays have.

*From the LWB in case for some reason you have lost yours