What is it -
What do you "see" in trance and during journeying?

This is what I "saw" today:

The Morrigane:

I am sitting on my beading table, listening to the radio while working.
My back hurts, time for a break.
The news anchor tells about how many Canadian Soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.
Horrible conflict. I turn it of, grab a cup of tea and go outside onto the deck. It is a hot, humid day.

Where DO they go? - All those young soldiers, that get killed??

Behind close eyes the scene arises:
Yellowish brown desert dust, a barely recognizable vehicle of same colour. Behind it a young lad in army fatigues, crouches for cover, firing at an unseen opponent 100 yards away. Adrenalin pumping through young vibrant vessels, pushing out screaming fear.
Then the vehicle explodes into a yellow fireball, belching black smoke and the adrenaline surges into open empty space drenched in blood......
And there - She materializes out of the smoke and despair- like a phantom - Morrigane.
Reddish purple cloak, heavy with spiraling beading of marcasites, hematite, garnet and jade. A hauntingly beautiful face, a decade past its prime. Looong tresses of black curly hair, graying at the temples, adorned with bluish black Raven feathers.
Amidst the fire, the chaos and destruction the soul-orb of the fallen warrior turns from living rich red to opaque white, hovers above its former body-home - confused....
She bends down, Her slim, delicate, cupped hands lift up the orb and gently transfer it into the bone bowl at her feet. With it She rises, turns to leave, while a rain of bullets race clear through Her shape towards their intended targets.
Where does She go?

............................. There is an ancient stone wall.
Overgrown with ivy and vines heavy with royal blue grapes. A barrage of “Daddy longlegs” with dark red and yellow-orange bodies guard this place. A Seven-Sleeper emerges from the thick, ready to greet his mistress.
Bone bowl in hand She walks through the entrance into the grotto.
In its middle a huge cauldron, hewn from rock, studded with the crystals of destiny.
A stone bench holds phials and soft leather pouches, containing memories, tears and healing.
In a low alto voice Her chant arises.
Aiiiliho iii’uiho hoo’............ It is now heating the waters of transformation and giving voice to all the pain in the known multiverse, vexing it into silence.
She ads the sands and dusts of garnet and hematite into the waters and russet vapor billows up, filling the space.
Summoned by the chant, the shimmering essence of the long departed condenses into a group of iridescent green-yellow orbs, alive with the faces of his ancestors.
She raises the bone bowl, holds it to Her womb, Her heart, Her temples and then high above the cauldron. Ever so slowly she tilts it, until the soul-orb floats free.
Spiraling slowly it is shedding its red colour back into the cauldron below, then, floating towards the waiting ones, it assums their yellowish-green glow.
An ancestor among ancestors.

That is, how our warriors return home.

She lowers her arms, the vapor vanishes, all turns to black.
All that remains is the all knowing Seven Sleeper ... (dormouse).

And even She metamorphoses into the Squirrel, sitting on my knee.
I get up- to make a necklace out of garnet, Hematite, marcasites and bone beads.....

...... to honor Her.


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That is truly beautiful Mi-Shell. Thank you for sharing it. And I just love the photo of the dormouse with the blackberries.


Jesus, Mi-Shell, I don't know if I could stand having visions like that. Gives me shivers to read it.

I am "visual" but it's all about letters for me--reading--not so much pictures. When I get a "profound recognition" it's almost always in words.


Very vivid vision Mi-Shell and a message full of hope. Thankyou.

Guiding Cauldron


that is exactely how i see her as well, the long black hair, the purple color, the bluish black raven cloak- like her angel wings. i dont see a cloak on her but defienatly wings.

she is a guide for me, and has been since i seriously started takeing steps on my path. she has taught me even before i knew who she was/is. she leads me still along my way.

i learn by going through the darkness. i used to fear darkness now not as much because i know without darknes there can be no light ahead....

i know it seems a dark power to follow but there is so much more than that. there is rebirth, silence, a chance to see afresh without bias...may she bless thee along your way too. xx


What surprised me is,that I "saw" the Morrigane!
Not exactly my culture! but visions are croscultural anyway.
And the Seven Sleeper is a critter that I "see" on and of since I was small. But when I finaly checked what is her name in english - it is dormouse!
Dormouse + Door-Mouse!!!!
She is one of my Gate Keepers since I was a Door Mouse.....


A very powerful and true vision- are you familiar with the celtic chakra system of the three cauldrons? They are exactly where she touched the bowl to in your vision.

It was beautiful, thank you for sharing.

many blessings,

Em xx


I've never heard of the Morrigane - but seems quite wonderful! And a door-mouse to boot!!

I have often wondered where their souls go to. How do they arise - how do they get "to the light" if you will. Is there someone to greet them when they first separate? Are they escorted, like in your vision, or do they have to find it themselves -- leading to the idea that there are those who are left behind, or lose their way.

I'm beginning to be able to tell when tales are 'not' correct - am still looking for what feels right. I'm getting closer. I very much like your vision. I, for what it's worth, would clasify it in my own belief system as a variant of one of the most likely scenarios.

I like to think that there is someone there to greet the stricken (soldiers, for example) as well as the children. It's always been the children that get me down. The only way I can live with murders of children is that they instantly forget their pain and can see it as a book; a story they lived through. And learned from.

But I digress.
Thank you for posting. It's inspiring.


Little Hare


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and wonderful post... It breaks my heart to think of soliders dying... what a beautiful and wonderful vision

Thank you

Bat Chicken

Why is the dormouse called the Seven Sleeper?