voodoo tarot reversals


Need to know if there are reversals to the voodoo tarot? Book would be nice especially the wild card thanks :0)


No, reversals aren't given in the book.


I thought I was seeing double! I was! You've posted the question twice. Sometimes it takes a while for people to respond. And maybe I should point out that this question likely belongs in a different area of the forum.

I'll say again, there are no reversals, as such, listed in the book. I think part of the fun of this deck is learning the mythology that goes with it and incorporating the upright/positive meanings with what we might refer to as the reversed/darker aspects of each card.


Marjie2014, welcome :).

I've moved this thread over to the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot forum and I've sent you a private message.. There are quite a few threads about using reversals with this deck, they can be found by clicking the links in the index thread at the top of this subforum: New Orleans Voodoo Study Groups - index of threads

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