W.I.G. ~ SatinAngel ~ Sept. 29th


Thoughts while shuffling:

a small creek
maple tree
fall leaves

First thougths off the top of head as looking at the cards;

Queen of Wands - oooohhhhhh....feminine power and strength

2 of Wands - crossed paths

5 of Swords - frustration

Reading done for a friend of mine (posted w/permission)
Condensed version of the actual reading:

Need to Know:
Queen of Wands
Lots of feminine energy coming at him quite strongly right now. This Queen knows what she wants, where she is going, how she's going to get there and damn anyone who gets in her way. She doesn't care who she has to step on in order to gain what she desires.

Why It's Important:
2 of Wands
As these wands are crossed I feel that he may be suffering from conflict, possibly internal--clash of energy. He may be feeling that he has to compromise his values or own ideas at this time, in order to accomodate someone else or in order to reach the final destination.

5 of Swords
As the jester has finally claimed the throne, he may ultimately get what he desires--however the question is, will it be worth what he has to go through to gain that ultimate desire? [Oh my this feels like I am quoting a book here--which was not my intention] The frustration may be building to an explosive conclusion. There is a need to fully examine the possible outcomes BEFORE taking action in this situation.


Update ~

My middle daughter has caught 2 tree frogs this week--which lead to building a frog habitat--filled with a pond, pebbles, plants -- it's now sitting on my desk--right next to my computer monitor....


An update

It's been over a year since this original post was made, several readings past for this friend of mine.

He is now seeking marriage counseling.

Barbaras Ahajusts

For some dang reason, after reading this thread, I heard;
"Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun! As the World turns."
Remember the old, old days when it was that soap opera was in black and white and would play that horrible music when someone found out so and so was cheating on them?

Odd, I must say. Even for me!

This is cool when you can go back and things become so clear, Satin Angel!



Good work, satinangel~! I do so love this deck, and it's nice to see it being put to use to try and help folks in hard times....