Want to help me find a lost ring?


I'm putting this call out to see if anyone can help me find my lost ring. I'm not devastated by its loss, but I thought this could be a fun way to exercise our divination skills. Whichever way you divine the location of lost items is welcome!

I lost a ring quite awhile ago and, yesterday, I decided use my pendulum to see if I could find it (I'm terrible with a pendulum, btw :laugh:). It indicated that my ring could be in my bedroom. When I went to go look for it, I came up empty.

I know some folks like to have the least amount as info as possible about objects, but let me know if you need more info about the ring.

Any takers?

PS: I did a tarot reading on it yesterday. I you want to see the reading, it's here: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=255267


I followed the link from Your Readings since my next attempt involved astro-lithomancy and had nothing to do with tarot. The toss came up with Venus (ruler of jewelry) in the 4th House of basements and other deep, dark places; in the sign of Taurus, significator of earth or ground; therefore someplace on, near or under the floor or soil (cemeteries are also 4th House). If there is a basement, check at the north end or corner; outdoors, to the north. It may also have found its way into a covered basket or barrel, and would be buried at the bottom. Venus rules "beautification of the body" that might be accomplished with the right clothing. Do you have any elegant clothing stored or packed away that the ring could have been left in, perhaps in a pocket? Outdoors, Venus in Taurus could also show a flower garden. Another possibility is shown by the Part of Fortune, which is a secondary significator for lost items ("querents's treasure"). It landed in Virgo, another Earth sign, showing (indoors) a food-preparation or storage area or (outdoors) a more manicured and landscaped patch of ground than that suggested by Taurus; in the 8th House of washrooms, bathrooms and other "clean-up" areas, also outdoor locations like waste disposal areas.