Wanting to understand visions....


I get visions, often during meditation, in those calm states of mind, I just don't understand them. If it's accompanied by a voice, yes, it's easier, but just a picture or movie....

Okay, so the last ones that left me puzzled..as I was meditating, I heard a high-pitch tone, the sound of silence, I focused in on it as usually as sometimes I'll hear a offset or out-of tune conversations, snippets of words, etc. As the sound got louder, a bright golden light came into focus. Fuzzy at first, not very distinct, but as the sound got louder, and louder, the light subsequently got brighter as well, it almost hurt to look at, but I reminded myself, I was floating in "mindspace," No body to speak of, so pain is an illusion. I was able to look directly at the light then, it was more brilliant than several suns, I noticed three tablets(similar in color as amber, semi-transparent), on each tablet were writings, not cuneiform, more akin to Sanskrit, fluid. These three tablets as they were moving around vividly, in a circular pattern, rotating, created a new tablet within the center, through their movement. The light was the strongest in the center, yellow, gold rays, each tablet radiated it's own light as well, but combined was exponentially great. I mostly just soaked in the ambiance, memorizing as much, mentally trying to communicate but hearing that roaring "hnnnnn" sound.

Other visions are of say a silhouette of a bust, inside though was the cosmos; fractal lines of spirals, undulating geometric rays of a rainbow of colors coalescing, like space itself is alive, each ray soft and silky.

When I asked about my MIL during another calm state, I immersed myself within, and saw a "rainbow dash" style storm cloud. I asked if I became friends with MIL what would happen, the muffled voices, as the muffled voice got louder, the storm cloud would thunder and lightening flash, the space turned a black-red. When I asked if I just moved on, didn't associate with her, the space turned bright, blue, the storm cloud turned a rainbow of colors. I'm guessing the message is that a healthy relationship isn't in the cards?

Much of it seems so abstract. How does one interpret solely visual or visual-physical visions?