Waterproof RWS on eBay and Etsy?


I've come across this shop on Etsy and the RWS decks he's offering look nice:


I'm thinking of buying another RWS deck, and these look tempting. The waterproof ones seem expensive though. :/

Anyone purchase any of these cards? If so, what's the quality like?

Lisa Myobun

Tavern Games RWS?

Does anyone know anything about a repro RWS deck that's supposedly waterproof and "meticulously taken from original artwork" - company is called Tavern Games.

Can't find info online - but am noticing a bunch of eBay items:



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Thanks for the merge. I wasn't aware they were on eBay, too. Looks like it's the same person/company selling these.

If nobody on here has bought any yet, I might bite the bullet and pick up one of the less expensive ones. As far as I can tell there's no copyright marks on the cards, which is a plus in my book. IDK about the backs, sort of wish they didn't have borders.

I did see some repro RWS on Aliexpress, but the backs on those were too "flashy" for me.


I wasn't aware they were on eBay, too. Looks like it's the same person/company selling these.

Yeah, the waterglass gives it away. I wonder if there isn't some copyright violation here, though. It depends which edition was used, because some editions haven't been taken over by USG, although that's such a convoluted topic that I can't make heads or tales of it.


On the other hand, they do say that

These cards are based on the ORIGINAL Rider Waite deck, and the original artwork. This is not taken from the reprints done by US Game Company. The size of this deck is GIANT 4" x 5 3/4". The artwork was meticulously taken from a mint condition ORIGINAL set.


I ended up buying a few poker size decks from the seller. $15 a pop; free shipping. One for myself, and two as gifts for people I know. Here are some pics:


The colors are nice, not too bright or dull. They feel good in the hand. Compared to the Cyrillic RWS and the Albano-Waite original printing, these feel more 'natural' in the hand, and they're less rigid. No copyright anywhere. :)

III of Pentacles has a blemish as shown in the pictures, and it was the same for all three decks, so I guess the source deck had this blemish. Didn't find any other errors. My main complaint is that the entire backs are not pebbled. I'll probably buy a standard size waterproof one in the future to compare further.

Overall, 4 out 5 stars. If the entire back was pebbled and the III of Pentacles didn't have that blemish, my rating would go up to 5 out of 5 stars.

Hope this helps some people out!


Pam A, B, C, or D?

I've been eye-ing this on eBay.


It refers to which version of the original decks has been used when the seller says: "meticulously taken from original artwork." Which very early copy of the deck has had had to work with ?