Weird email from USG

Lisa Myobun

Hi folks - not sure where to post this - so Kindly Mods, please position as you see fit...

I'm wondering if anyone else has received this rather odd, slightly phish-y feeling email from (supposedly) Stuart Kaplan himself.... (Note I have not tried to change my password! I don't even think I have a password in their website! although I might have once started to open an account...)

[sent from email address:]

Greetings from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Dear Customer,
You requested to change your password information at our web site. Below is the URL of a page where you can reset your password:
Account information:
Usertype: C
Login Name: Lisa
Password reset URL: [this is where they had the URL link]
Thank you for using! We hope to see you again soon.
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Contact Phone: 1-800-544-2637
Fax: (203) 353-8431



The email looks legit. That email address actually exists, since there's a sentence in one of their FAQs: "For further questions, email or call 800-544-2637, ext. 301."

Maybe someone accidentally requested a password change? Your login name looks simple enough, so someone could've just guessed. Anyway, if you feel uneasy, just contact them. But I don't think it's something to worry about, just don't click on the link nor change your password and you'll be fine :)


Yes, the site exists, and the mail seems alright. However, what I would do is change my password and account details from the main site itself, rather from the email that you received. Someone might have tried to take over your account and was then blocked by the need for confirmation.


I agree with what was said.
Be careful with that. Just in case, whenever that happens to me (it's not common, but I think I had a dozen of situations in different websites), I change my login name. If it's a website with sensitive information, I also change the password to a stronger one.

(by the way, thank you for posting in here. You reminded me to change the e-mail and password I use here in AT. It's sad I can't change the username without paying... I had quite a few security issues with this e-mail and username... So troublesome...)


looks like phish to me.

an email with a request to follow the link below for any kind of personal information would go in the dumpster for me.


I'm with AJ. GO to their site

and log in there (If you have an account.) I get these quite often "from" banks with legit looking addresses etc, but they are banks I have never dealt with.

ALSO - you copypasted - but if you look at the original email - hover over that address and see if what shows up in your status bar is something quite different. (Very often ending in .ru....)

NO reputable organisation asks you to click a link in an email to reset anything. Most actually say not to. DON'T DO IT.


If you DIDN'T ask to change your password, DON'T ANSWER the e-mail. It COULD be legit and as others have said, accidentally requested your account, but assume it is phishing and go direct to web site (by typing it in, as gregory suggested) report it to the web masters. If someone is phishing their site they need to know. And ask if you should change your password to make sure.

Phishing software is getting very subtle these days.



I wouldn't trust it. If it was legit it would say "Dear [your name or user name here]" not "Customer."


Good point. The honest ones ALWAYS name you - and my bank always includes my postal code as an extra indication that they are for real. And NEVER include a link.


I'm so glad that many forumers here already know how to deal with phishing attacks. Kudos to you all. :thumbsup: