Welcome Simone!


please give a big, faeries welcome to simone, our new faeries oracle moderator!


hehehe I can only imagine the crazy naughtiness that will happen now with Simone in charge lol .



Hehe thanks :D

I will tackle my faeries deck, which has been eluding me so far, as a direct consequence of this! together with them, we will channel the crazy naughtinesses })... the things I have heard about the faeries, this will change my life and my outlook on things.

I am GLAD to be here!!! :D:D:D

*Simone brings in a crate of her liqueur...*

anyone up for a paaarty?


Did I hear "liqueur?" :D

WELCOME, Simone. We shall have our fae tipsy in no time. Hee!



Welcome Simone. I am sure the faeries will challenge alot of your views and change them. But it's a lot of fun and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I know they've told me things about myself I never heard from another deck, and just make me see hidden motivations for things I've been doing for years, just as clear as day.:)

I just love them all,

Best wishes, and looking forward to seeing your around. :)



Oh dear!

Well now the Fae have met their match!

Good luck Faeries :D

And of course, good luck to you Simone :)


Moonbow* said:
Well now the Fae have met their match!
Or Simone has met hers....

Simone, if they are eluding you, don't try too hard ;) Wait till one of them gets impatients and kicks you in the shins - it probably just wants a drop of liqueur - and a few stories...


Welcome Simone! Good luck too with getting back into the Faeries Oracle. Now, for the liqueur? In fact, does liqueur help you with the Faeries?!


Well Simone, I'll bet those little Faeries are running and ducking now!
congrats! and best of luck.


They do not duck and run! :D

Actually, i pulled one for someone on a situation that bothered them, and they spoke pretty clerly.

I think... ummm, blush and feeling guilty, they are happy to finally be let out of their box!

I'm sure glad they do not pout though! ;)