What 3-card spreads do you use?


I like using a 3-card spread...simple, yet informative. Two that I use most often:

1..2..3 where 1 is past, 2 is present, and 3 is future.

And the other is just laying down three cards to get a general feel for the situation.

Another one I thought of but haven't tried yet is: 1..2..3 where 1 is the issue, 2 is advice, and 3 is the outcome.

Anyone else have a favorite 3-card spread?


From Power Tarot:

Fast Solution

1. Nature of the problem:
2. Cause of the problem:
3. Solution to the problem:



Thanks! That's going to keep me busy for awhile. :D


One of my favorite 3 card spreads

I always used to use {and sometimes still do} this spread.

1.What I know?
2.What I don't know?
3. What I need to know?

I sometimes add a 4th and/or 5th card if I feel I need to ask for overall 'feel" or what am I missing. Then advice/guidance.

There are a lot of 3 card spreads. You can also see some that you like and make the questions into what you want to know.

Have fun! :heart:



1. What will happen
2. Obstacles that may come
3. Advice

Here is one that I use that cuts out past and present and gives you a view of what will come and how to handle it.

Love and light,


Suzanne A

This is one that works well for personal daily guidance for me. I think it would also work if you modify the questions to read for someone else, or if you changed the time frame from today to some other period.

1. Where does the Universe want to take me today?

2. What do I need to do to make it happen?

3. Where am I likely to end up if I follow the advice of the Tarot?


The "Gypsy" 213 :)

1) Situation (center)
2) Background (left)
3) Answer (right)

I can never see the First card as "past" because it's the hot draw.


Hi! I like to keep things simple:


1. Who am I?
2. What do I want?
3. Where am I going?


I like James Ricklef's:
Major Arcana card for spiritual advise or guidance
Court card for suggested trait or characteristic to adopt
Minor arcana card for suggested action

Other than that, when I have used 3 card spreads for whatever the situation I have written the positions down and have 90 now typed up in my reference journal. Amazing how versatile they can be really