What are the Three Wise Men bringing you?


What are the Three Wise Men bringing you? Closed

I have had this collection of Storyworld Cards for a while. You can check the comments about these cards in this thread:


Even though I use these cards for readings, they are not exactly an oracle. These are various set of cards designed for teachers to help children with the speaking and writing processes. Nevertheless, the person who created them is a "new age person" who has created oracle cards and published books about the topic. I love the pictures and just the image, the key words and the description are enough to perform a reading.

As you may know, Christians celebrate on January 6th the arrival to Bethlehem of the Three Wise Men. These men brought gifts to Baby Jesus, and by tradition this is the day Christian kids receive their presents. This morning it came to my mind the idea of offering one card reading to see what the Mages are bringing to you. I am using the Storyworld Cards because they have a kind of childish element on them. But don't be misguided. Their messages may be pretty serious.

If you would like to know what the Mages have for you this year, just write your name, so I can put you in the list. In exchange, I would like to have a reaction from you about the gift you got.

Only one gift per person, please.

So, now, do I get any volunteers for this offer?

I will start with the messages on January 2nd, and will keep it open until January 6th or until I reach 25 people.

1. GotH (done, fb)
2. NamasteIndia (done)
3. Padma (done, fb)
4. amaya1 (done, fb)
5. Aries2014 (done, fb)
6. WolfSwan (done, fb)
7. Seldes Katne (done)
8. Honeysun (done)
9. Wintergarden (done)
10. CosmicBeing (done)
11. cherryberry (done)
12. Flori (done)
13. page of wands (done)

I will appreciate your comments in regard to your gift and the relevance you think it may have in your life this year. That helps me see how attuned I am with these lovely cards.

Thank you, once again, for allowing me to be of service to you and my Creator. I hope you like your gift and make good use of it. Also, the tradition says that when kids do not behave well during the year they get coal and other things that they don't like. If you don't like your gift, ask yourself: "Did I behave well this year to deserve something better?" Have a wonderful 2017.


I would love a gift from the Mages please.. :)

Thank you!


Thank you for the gift



Hi Zelmira! I would love to have a gift :heart: many thanks!


I would love to have this gift! đź‘Śđź’‹


Could I plz be considered


I would love a gift :)

Seldes Katne

If you are still accepting requests, I would like to add my name. I've always been drawn to the Magi, and I'm just starting to explore oracle cards.


May I? :) Do I have to PM you my name or is my username ok?