What do you use?


Hi everybody!!
I just wanted to know what kind of spreads other then a three card do you use for a general reading. I would like for them to be simple beacuse I still have trouble putting the cards to real life situations. I just want to do a basic reading on someone, then if they want to know more what kind of spread sould I use?? Do I stick with the three card or could I use and Elemental spread?? Thanks for all your help!!


This one never fails for me on any sort of reading. A 5 card spread.

1. Situation/your task
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. New insights
5. Conclusion


I've just started experimenting with pulling a fourth card and using this as an overall theme for the three card spread.


Past - Present - Future + Theme
Body - Mind - Soul + Theme

It's simple but does give an added dimension to the reading.



Greetings Menmay.
Follow this link, it's to the Aeclectic Members Favorite Spreads: :D http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=2938

And here's another link to my newly discovered home-made spread: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=3173 :p

Good luck!



Sometimes I use tarot spreads that I have found on the internet, but as part of being a Wiccan I don't think I should use other's spread unless it's truly nessary. Open up your mind and be creative because if you create your own spreads they will mean a lot more to you. Of course, that is just my opinion.. one should expand their mind and use their creativity.


there are quite a few good ones listed under the thread "Looking for 5 card spreads" http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=3562

And I don't say that just because mine is there... ;)
Rhiannon :)


I usually make one up on the spur of the moment, or go with my variation of the celtic cross.


Menmay: A one-card draw is the simplest & easiest way to augment any spread. I look at the bottom card of the deck.


MoonCat2: I love your 5-Card! It looks to be the best I have seen so far of 5-Card spreads. Thank you for sharing :)


i don't do any spreads that use only a couple of cards. i like to get the whole picture and i find that the tree of life or robin wood's 15 cards spread do that for me.

i'm a quick reader if i just want the fluff..........so i don't bother with using less cards.

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