What do your wings look like?


Oddly enough while reading for a young woman tonight, this is the question I asked her.
She seemed to be fairly psychic, and I thought she had a touch of the Fae around her, so I asked her to do some deep breathing and to close her eyes and see if she could tell what kind of wings she has on her back.

She did everything I asked and came up with an answer.
She was tentative, a little shy, but she answered.

So, I started wondering about all of our wings.
And I ask you.
What do YOUR wings look like???

I'm still working on my wings. They don't seem quite....right.
And well, I'm still trying to figure out if it is ok for an elf to have wings.......


elf said:
...I'm still trying to figure out if it is ok for an elf to have wings.......

LOL, sure! Why not? Who says elves don't have wings? :D

I actually tried something like this exercise once before, where I had to become aware of my wings and "breathe" in through them. It was a lovely experience- I actually felt wings between my shoulder blades! From time to time (when I remember) I stretch them to catch the light.

For what its worth, my wings are the rather unimaginative "angel/ birdwing" sort. With mostly white soft/ smaller feathers and the larger feathers from deep purple to soft lilac. A bit like Iris of the Rainbows. I didn't make them like that on purpose- that was just how they felt.



Mine would be large and dark angel wings with jet black/grey feathers and wingspan of about a metre. They'd always be folded behind my back though, and I wouldn't use them for flying.


posted by sinner
They'd always be folded behind my back though, and I wouldn't use them for flying.
Oh Sinner, why would you not use them for flying......that is what wings are for!


I can feel them so far, but can't see them yet. They run from the tops of my shoulderblades all the way down to the bottom of my ribcage. They have a sort of petal effect, with the two top lobes being bigger than the bottom ones. The top lobes arc high up, their apex even with my head. The bottom lobes are sort of like dorsal fins. As for the color, the best I can describe it is opalescent.


This is just the coolest thread.
I love this wing exercise.

I carried my deck in my coat pocket today to a meeting.
When I left the building I carried the pouch out in my hand, and once in the car, pulled a card.

I got the Faery Guide! The one I'd drawn of myself.

Now my drawing is very primitive. Yet it is the first time I've chosen the Faery Guide! i was looking at the back actually, at the Topsy Turvets. I kept turning and turning the card looking so closely at the faces, and then I flipped it over to see the card...and there was the FGuide!

It was a very emotional, insightful morning today, and getting that card when I got it was a stunner!


you need to find your wings and then post in that silly little wings thread....

I have an elf on my back. :D

It's not a silly little wings thread....I ventured here last night.....do you know I creep when I'm in this forum. I was here, way back in 2002 when it started, my brand new faeries and me and I keep being dragged back and then I run again.
The Faeries make me choke on my whiskers - lol!

I went to bed and meditated on wings - I've done this before .....that tingling between the shoulder blades.
Mine aren't feathers ......and I don't know how to describe them. They don't seem solid...more fragile and difficult to see. Like an energy and when the sun reflects there are colours and light. Yet they're strong and I can fly.....inside, I soar but I struggle when anyone's watching.

I looked through my faeries to see if I could find any similar and I think Tobaira's are the nearest except mine are bigger :D

Are you happy now , little elf? :D ( she said, spitting out whiskers)


I was going to end the previous post with a description of my wings.
didn't get to it.

Mooncat, thank you for that lovely look at your wings. I know you can soar. I've seen you.....;)


My wings are huge, but it seems that I can fold them back when I need too.

I think I first discovered I had them back in 1982, after a saw the movie The Dark Crystal. (Girl gelflings have wings! Of course they do!!)

Mine look like butterfly wings, but they keep changing color!!
Hmmm..maybe I have Mood Wings? :D

Most of the time they are opalescent, and translucenty.

And sometimes they get caught on stuff, when I don't realize I have them out (this is usually when I panic...the fight or flight response almost always make them extend.) that's when I get the pains in my back and shoulders.

Thinking about this reminded me of an earlier thread on the subject!



Wow I just read that whole thread.
I didn't know about it, thanks Chronata!

I also didn't know this was in the book, exercises on wings. I'll have to go find that one.

I don't know what my wings look like yet.
I know that of all of the Fae in the deck I love Nelys's crown and her wings. I know I don't have Nelys's crown....

In fact I wrote about what my crown looks like in my feedback to TA in circle game #3. I seem to be wearing almost all of the Singer of Initiation on my face. In fact, I seem to try on the Singers light bodies quite often...
Perhaps this is my trouble with finding my wings......