What does this symbol symbolize?


Please see the attached image.
I recently got the Earthbound oracle but am confused by this card. Does does the upright closed triangle interlaced with the open triangle signify (if anything)?


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See if this page helps - I know nothing but it sort of shows up there.

I could go find a book....


Book was no help. Nor, even was google searching the image !


Could it be a made up symbol. I knew a guy that would create genuine sacred geometric images...to induce certain energies....but they were all made up wasn't like a mainstream symbol.

So could it be possible it is the author's self created symbol?


I do not know specifically what this symbol means but intuitively I would interpret it as "being too open to destructive things" with the open triangle and then "being too closed off, leaving yourself stewing in your own darkness" with the closed triangle. Different sides of the same toxic coin.

Anyway, take this with a grain of salt. :)

What do you feel when you see the symbol?


Hot damn - I looked in my alchemy book and missed that - except the triangles aren't quote as interlaced here...


... arsenic would make sense for a card titled "toxic" though. After all, it's pretty deadly to just about anything that requires oxygen in order to survive.