What has positive thinking manifested for you?


Just curious to know but we all probably heard of "the secret" "law of attraction", etc. I am just curious how have things worked out for you? Does thoughts really bring out whatever you think about? It's pretty interesting how thoughts become things. I think it's a bit more complicated because some say, don't focus so much on something that you want, but wouldn't you want to think about it if you want it? Or is it better to be happy with what you have and then you do get what you want? or do you act like you already have it?

It all sounds simple yet complicated :/


The KEY is to intend it, then forget about it. If you desire something sooooo bad, you'll remain in the state of want. Once you let it go... it comes to you. But that's the hard part, letting it go. :) It's almost like once you don't care for it is when it comes but by then you don't really care to have it anymore. That's just the way it works...

Plant the seed.
Forget about it.
It will come to you in some form eventually.

Until then, enjoy the life you do have.. ;)

Good luck in manifesting your desires! :cool2:

ETA: When sending out your intentions, make sure you are specific in what you ask for. Sometimes the Universe has a sense of humor. For example...

One time I was in a really lonely and bored state of being so I asked the Universe to bring some romance into my life. I KID YOU NOT it was not long after me asking for this that I got this as a gift out of no where. Needless to say I got my romance. :laugh:


I think I misunderstood the question. Do you ONLY mean what has positive thinking manifested for you in relation the the "Secret" and "The Law of Attraction"?

I thought you mean positive thinking in general.


Just off the top of my head, I have intentionally used the law of attraction to manifest:
A wonderful loving husband
A house, then later a new house, then even later, a different new house
A new car
Relocation to a new state
A certain job I wanted, then not needing to have a job, then becoming a paid Tarot reader
Better health

For me, the secret is to be highly detailed about exactly what I want, thank the Universe in advance, and I always add, "I thank You that this, or something better, has now taken place in my life, in totally harmonious ways, for the greatest good of all concerned." I got that part directly from Shakti Gawain, and it has worked well for me.

And when I didn't get exactly what I thought I had wanted, I always found that what I got instead was actually better.


everything....manifestation starts with the thought

I don't think anything good that has ever manifested for me started with me thinking negatively.


Just about everything I have and feel and do ... but it wasn't JUST positive thought ... it started with positive thought though.

Positive visualisations in regard to healing can be quiet effective, even some straight medical practices recommend it with serious health issues.

But if someone has a deep psychological block or they cant have a thing/s or a lifestyle they believe they should be entitled to I doubt a simplistic approach would work.


It has manifested many things for me, but it has not always been in my best interest. Use it with a lot of discretion. We don't always know what is best for us.


I have never tried this and just passed it over before!
but going to give this a go now in future and see what manifests :) :heart: :thumbsup:


I think such concepts are entirely ego-driven, focusing on what we want rather than what we need. We may think that they are the same, but they are often complete opposites. "The Secret" says that visualizing having a necklace in a jewelry store will eventually cause me to have it. Now, that's great, but often the test is its own reward. Sure, I can aspire to have the jewels, but the true benefits would be my getting a high-paying job, creating a life in which having expensive things would not be fantasy, and those things come only from hard work, discipline and perseverance. After having improved my life, I may see that the jewels I wanted so much don't mean a lot compared to the wealth of wisdom and experience I gained simply by going after them and making them a reality.

Ultimately I think the only real joy is to do things for their own sake. Quilt because you like to do it, not because one day you'll have a blanket. Work at a profession you enjoy, rather than deferring your enjoyment for "one day" when it will pay off. I see no reason for the "universe" to reward me for being positive, but whatever seeds I plant eventually bear fruit. Positive thinking can be the difference between planting seeds I want rather than the seeds others forced upon me, but it will never do my gardening for me.

People seem to expect to win, that fairness says that after adversity, victory inevitably follows. Hard work means reaping rewards. This isn't always the case, and while I wouldn't say one should expect or seek out defeat, life becomes a lot better when the expectation of success is purged. Hope for success is vital, not expectation of it. Loss isn't an anomaly, it's a fact of life.