What is it about the Deviant Moon that you love?


I've always liked darker imagery and things connected to dreams and alternate states of mind.

I also love that it's not a "white people deck" and that people of any race could identify with the characters.


What I like best about it is it makes me think Tim Burton and Hieronymus Bosch had a baby, and its name is Deviant Moon.


I love its quirkiness, irreverence, and the fact that it inhabits its own world.


I like the remark that its not a "white people deck" - it strips it back to just people (or creatures I guess?) it doesn't have my mind wandering to politics when I should be focusing on the cards!
I love that it reminds me of Tim Burton and all his wonderful films.
What really attracted me to it in the first place though was how it reminded me of MirrorMask (2005) a fantasy film with characters that remind me of the pieced-togetherness of characters in the Deviant Moon tarot. It has the same industrial vibe in the background as well.
I love that it has a focus on the moon - something I'm trying to incorporate more in my practice. It creates its own universe that has grabbed my attention. Though I have a bit of a collection even in the little time that I've had DM it has been the deck that I never grow tired of - I have to be called away back to reality cause I'll just sit and stare at the beauty of the cards.

ana luisa

I love its contradictory nature to me. I hate the art, find the creatures repulsive but DM reads like a dream . And if it works that well, it's a deck worth having :thumbsup:


It's spunky and usually dead on. In the most unexpected ways.