What is the Knight of Pentacles trying to say to me?


Hi guys,

I’m new to the Fey study group and I guess I should really start with an introduction, but then again, I thought – hey why not just dive in there with a question!

It’s about recurring cards – or rather a particular recurring card.

I’ve recently started the dating game again after quite a long period of happy singledom, and am therefore having to learn the whole relationship thing all over again! (with all the joys and woes that entails! :) ) So I turn to the Fey for advice when things get confusing and I’ve noticed that I quite often draw the Knight of Pentacles for relationship questions. He’ll come up in different positions, and sometimes upright and sometimes reversed.

Over a period of time, I’ve drawn him in relation to different relationships/dates, so I’m starting to wonder if he is trying to tell me something fundamental about my approach to relationships, rather then commenting on any relationship in particular.

Most recently I’ve drawn him as a single card, looking for pointers about my current relationship. I’ve got myself into a situation where I always seem to be waiting around for my date to finish a game of golf, or cricket, so I never know what time he’s going to turn up.
Waiting around like this drives me demented – I’m too independent to do the whole “waiting by the phone” thing – but I allow it to happen, because I like to be flexible and be nice to people. (The thing is, if I feel taken for granted, then I get very pissed off, and nice is the last thing I’m likely to be. :) ) Now, the obvious answer to this is to talk to the gentleman concerned and work something out (which I'm sure I can, and will - he's a nice bloke) – but I feel there are probably larger forces at play here – in terms of how I conduct relationships – so that’s what I’m trying to get to the bottom of.

So I said to the Fey, how can I deal with this in the long term … and I get the Knight of Pentacles reversed. Not only do I not know what this means right now, but I was really struck by the fact that I’ve got him again! I assume it’s not telling me to go out and buy a giant rabbit, but I’m stumped otherwise.
(N.b. – I also asked how I could deal with my feelings in the short term (like, for today), and got the 6 of swords reversed.)

If anyone has any suggestions about what might be going on – or for further questions to ask, then I’d love to hear.

H’m – very long post this … I obviously needed to talk! :) Thanks for listening


Kate (aka PolarBear)



Dear all,
browsing other threads and realise that maybe I shouldn't have posted this in the study group.

Sorry! :-( - will try the readings thread on the main forum.




It's quite alright to post it here, after all it is about the Fey!

I'm one who does not use reversals with my Fey, but....

I see the Knight of Pentacles as one who IS independent. Doing what he does and goes when he feels like going. I could look at this card as your 'opposite'.
Seems to make you wait, doing what he does when he does. Being that it came up reversed the Fey could be saying that (even though he's a nice guy) he's not for you and you should not be so serious about any conflicting issues.
This is not a suggestion of, 'run rabbit, run', there are always things to be learned from any and all relationships

The card as it references you, sorta takes from where 'he' left off....
Again, as you say- you are independent, you have learned and experienced a life alone, and have done it on your own, great accomplishment in the world today. In a reversed position, there could be the need for some grounding and being more connected to your comings and goings, and not those of others. Back to the running rabbit....getting through 'this', take it as a learing experience. Re-discovering the likes and dislikes, the ins & outs od dating and relationships.
again, reversals are not my way with the Fey, but it could be that this card is saying that your current 'path' (train of thought and method of operation) is not going to be productive. This takes me back to connecting with yourself.
Insead of being more focused on THEM, pay more attention to yourself. This can lead, as you say, what it is that inhibits you.



Thanks Lunalafey,

Funnily enough, I’m not a big reversals fan either – it’s just that today everything came out reversed, so I thought maybe it’s a sign. Or maybe I was shuffling the pack upside-down! :)

I like the idea that the card is suggesting I need to move away from my current approach rather than the relationship.
The run rabbit run was my first interpretation and I have to say that with regard to previous dates I might have done well to do just that! :)
However, my reaction to your suggestion was “that’s not what I want to hear!” – and that did tell me something about the way I feel!

I’m aware that I put a lot of pressure on myself about relationships. I am determined not to settle for second best, but do tend to beat myself up for getting involved at all if they don’t work out. So I’m always torn …

Also, I’ve allowed him to set the pace of the relationship, which has unsettled me. We’ve only been seeing each other 3 months and already we’ve met each other’s parents – which feels way too soon for me – and kinda makes me feel more committed than I feel ready for (only there’s no turning back time on this one – so I just have to live with it :) )

Now to be fair to the bloke concerned, he’s only done all this because I’ve said yes to his suggestions, he hasn’t railroaded me - *I’ve* done that. I can’t expect him to read my mind!

So, you could be right – I would do both him and me a favour of I lightened up a bit. Stop planning how I’m going to punish myself if it doesn’t work, and take the risk of working out what I want. And if he’s cool with what I need then the relationship will survive, and if he’s not, well …

And, perhaps, not *run* anywhere at all … I always think of the Knight of Pentacles as a plodder, so I’ve never been able to work out why he rides something as frisky as a rabbit!! Maybe it’s to balance him; if he rode a tortoise he’s become completely immobile. :) So that’s what I need, maybe – balance. Don’t run away – but don’t let myself get stuck in a rut waiting for him to phone (I do the same with friends by the way – bend over backwards … and then wonder why bits of me start to hurt!)

Just done another draw – for support through the afternoon (I really should be working and am finding this most distracting!) – and guess who I got … AGAIN! So when I work out what he’s saying _ I really must listen!

Thanks for your help,



Funnily enough, I’m not a big reversals fan either...

I have used most decks with reversals, and at times would straighten out my deck to do a non-reversal reading. When I got the Fey, it said to me, "read me the upright way".
In doing so I found that they can tell both the pros and cons when needed.
And always in the most amusing of ways.


The Book

I am intrigued by the card and by the posts. I went to study the card and opened the book, which helped me understand more clearly the image. First, as to the Fey that inhabit the Pentacles, the book teaches: "they demonstrate how to have without being a slave to what we possess, how to live in harmony with the material world without denying the world of magic and dreams." (p 89). That sets the stage, and the personality of the Knight of Pentacles has distanced him a bit from the things he loves. Note how he longingly looks back at the castle in the background, now all shadowy as he moves forward with the powerful magical rabbit. The distance between him and the castle helps him understand the importance of the things he loves. It's a card of "perspective." p. 137. Perhaps, since he keeps popping up, it's an invitation to meditate a while on keeping your perspective about things. And while the Knight is loyal to the things and the people he loves, he has distanced himself somewhat so as not to lose sight of the wider picture. Just my two cents. Blessings always.............Michael