What kind of spread do you use for your daily draw?


i've been using a three card daily draw. i don't use any particular positions though. i just let the cards tell me what they want. sometimes they progress, morn, afternoon, night. sometimes one will jump out at me and the others support it.

now that we have just about covered all the runes in the rune study group. i will probably switch to a one card, one rune daily reading. i really like the runes. they speak very clearly.


also refer to the thread "best daily spreads"

i've been using a four card spread:

1/2 3 4

1 -- major inner forces: basically how i'm feeling today, where i'm coming from
2 -- expression: how i'm manifesting myself to the world
3 -- major outer forces: what's coming at me, how people are acting with me and around me, events for the day
4 -- best advice: a way i can maximize the day's potential


I do a three card draw,
1. My attitude
2. Attitude of Others
3. Outcome of the Day

Sometimes I draw a fourth card for clarity, if the three cards seem to be going in different directions. Usually I think of it, in a kind of vague way, as the, "And the Point is?" card. :)


I do an "event spread"

Event about to happen
How i will feel about it
What i can do about it

but that does not necessarily mean that it will happen that day, maybe the next or so

I do a one card for the day also, and a seven day spread for the week with the 8th card being my overall week ahead.



Mlle Lenormand

I use a four card spread with a set of Oracle cards called 'Universal Love' cards.

As I shuffle, I ask my guides "What would you have me know today?"

1 is the general card for the day- what is happening spiritually
2&3 are placed below and angled slightly over 1.
2&3 are cards to help clarify 1
4 is placed below the others and partly on 2&3. This is what my guides want me to comtemplate for the day to keep me on the path.


I only started using tarot more recently, and only joined AT a little while ago, so I've been digging through some of the older posts for tips and whatnot.

I only started doing daily card pulls, and getting into the habit of remembering to do it is tough! It helps to read what other people have been doing - even years ago - so help solidify my own reading habits.

Lately, I've been doing single card pulls as a "What today is?", and a weekly reading for each day telling me what each day "should be". The "should be" gives me a guideline for what each day would be most suited for doing, so I can plan ahead a little, and the "what is" card gives me a more solid or maybe realistic reading for the day. Plus, I can compare the two and see how similar or different they are. If they're similar, that tells me I might actually do what I was planning, if they're different, that might indicate that I'm not doing what I "should" be doing, I like to think of it as the cards chastising me. I'm still getting used to reading everyday, and finding different ways to look at the reading. So far, it's served me pretty well.


A single card gives me enough to think about all day long.

Mystic Zyl

Celtic Cross if it is a serious issue. Three card if it is a general question like: How will my day go?
And, if I do not get what I want to see, I pull more cards....I really should not read for myself!


You can't beat consistent 3-5 card throws.

November's Dawn

I usually use one card as a daily draw for exercise and meditation. When I'm pretty much confused about something I use 3 cards or 4 cards. Too much cards can confuse you.