What kind of spread to use?


Hi I'm new to tarot reading only been at it for 2 months. I have the classic Rider-Waite deck. My question is how do you know what kind of spread to use for whatever question is being asked?



Begin with three card spreads. Do them for-ever. Buy a spiral notebook. Use it as a Journal (very important). Write down every reading (both cards and your interpretation).
Three card readings are versatile, and accurate. More cards do not always mean better readings (but they look good on tv).

Hunt down the ?learn tarot online? website. Read books (but remember they are a reference tool, not a reverence tool).

Read old posts on this site.


also, for spreads: http://anjastarot.dk/index.htm


i think the celtic cross is more or less a good place to start as well as the three cards spread previously mentioned. the cross in particular is easy to adopt to and gives a holistic understanding of the situation. hope this helps.


Celtic Cross has 10 cards. To many for this early in the game.

Hunt down Tarot Reversals by Mary K Greer.

Turn to page 215...Lots of variations of the three card spread.

BTW: If you were to buy only one book on Tarot, that's it.


I agree with Umbrae about the Celtic Cross. It was the first spread I tried and I found it far too complicated. It nearly put me off using the cards...
So I switched to 3-card spreads and took it from there.

Good luck and have fun!


Quote:Originally posted by Umbrae
More cards do not always mean better readings (but they look good on tv).

Umbrae, your ideas and input is truely priceless. This one I'll cherish for a looooooong time! :D *ROFL* :D

Jenny :)


On a more serious note to star17 - I agree, do 3-carders and lern to listen to the cards. They will tell you all you need to know, regardless of how many of them you use at the time.

Today, I do the CC-spread for some readings, and less-card-spreads for some. Honestly - they usually all turn out equally informative and extensive.

How to pick the right one? Analyze the question. What do you need to know? Look around the net (anja's tarot, the link someone posted before, is a really good place to start!) to find existing spreads, and find one that fits your analysis of the question. If you don't find one, when you're more experienced perhaps, make one. As long as you make the spread FIRST and finish that process before you initiate the reading, you can't "make it up as you go along" - doesn't work.

Hope I didn't add to your confusion, if you're new to tarot, and want to learn a lot - you've definitely come to the right place! Welcome and I'll see you around!

Jenny :)


Greetings star17.

We have a thread with lots of spreads, our favorite spread. You'll find it here: Aeclectic Members Favorite Spreads.

We've also a thread on spread with the Majors only: Major Arcana Spreads.

And spreads for your new deck: New Deck Spreads

I learned a lot browsing the different forums here. Make sure you get all posts from the beginning, not only for the last 30 days. If you have specific questions, just post them in the section where they fit best. :)

Hope you'll find something you can use from the links above. ;) Good luck!



Star17: Welcome! As others have said, you have come to the right place.
Shinta is correct in stating that the Celtic Cross is good (even excellent IMO) for a wholistic or general overview.
If you are a beginner, it will be easier for you to work with less cards, such as 3 & then work your way up to more cards.
It is possible to get a lot of information from fewer cards. Too many cards can be confusing & detract from the issue.
Also: practice, practice, practice!
Umbrae: I always enjoy your postings & your directness of approach!


Quote:Originally posted by Umbrae
BTW: If you were to buy only one book on Tarot, that's it.

star17: don't listen to him! :p }) Buy the 78 Degrees of wisdom by Rachel Pollack. Here's a link to Amazon in England, where you can order from: Amazon.co.uk or Amazon in the US: Amazon.com. (At the US page you can view the book from the inside as well. :D )


Btw, you can view a poll and a discussion on the two books here: Tarot for Yourself or 78 Degrees of Wisdom?.