What kind of spread??


My aunt wants me to do a reading for her and I wanted to ask what kind of spread I should use. Her specificate questions are if she will be happy with her husband and if there is a new baby in the future, and if I can tell what it will be. I really want to answer these questions the best way I can!! Please can you guys help me??


Original Destiny

:OL Wow, this is quite difficult...I don't know how experienced you are or if you use traditional spreads or not...I don't use traditional spreads. I design a spread for each client depending on what they want to know... The client is very specific in her questions and requests specific answers... I would do three cards each to cover each question and 4 or 5 cards to give an overview... I find that often the cards give a general view instead of a specific answer...because the cards IMPEL not COMPEL...Individual freedom of choice of the client has to be respected aswell as the choices of her partner...All I can advise is just go for it...If the cards want to tell you they will...Direct not control...:TFOOL


Thanks I feel a little better now and I fell like Im not in the dark anymore!! Thanks for the help I really needed it =)


An opinion: The kind of spread depends on your experience.

Newbies (and hey?everybody is one once) should start with a three card spread.

Then advance to five, seven, and then ten or more.

Ten card spreads can be overwhelming at first, so give yourself a break.

Even experienced readers continue to use three card spreads?more cards does not always mean a better reading.

Geenius at Wrok

One reading for both? These sound like separate issues to me, unless you and she are willing to collapse them into the single question, "What will my future with X be like?" For that, I might recommend a seven-card spread of the sort that Aeonx is so good at making up. :) If the questions must be separated, I'd suggest a five-card relationship spread for the husband question and the telephone number of a good physician for the baby question.


Right, this sounds like 2 separate questions. I'd do the relationship one first since that one seems to be the more intense question. Then shuffle & do a different reading on the part about the baby.