What Oracle Deck is the Postman Bringing


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The previous thread was getting a little long so here is the brand-new one, enjoy!

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Jen P

The Farben der Engel and the Magician's deck - LXXXI - the Quareia deck. They're both coming from England, so it will take a while.


The Halloween Oracle is on its way to me :D I wanted to make sure I got my order in before the October rush...!


Dream Cards by lo scarabeo and Tao Oracle!!!!! *shakes booty*


Ceccoli Oracle coming from Amazon today.


Ocean oracle! I am so happy as I have been looking for that one for a long time!


Fallen Angels oracle, couldn't resist the haunting imagery :)


Recently received Michelle Hanson's Ocean Oracle. While I was searching for that one, I came across another Ocean Oracle by Susan Marte (Australia), so I went ahead and purchased that one as well. Then, I happened to notice the Sea Whispers Oracle by Lyn Thurman. Yep, got that one too. So now, spoiled brat that I am, I have three new beach-themed oracles, and I'm as happy as a clam. :):)


Halloween Oracle now we are entering Fall.

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