What spreads do you use?


It seems like each time you do a reading with the faeries they want you to do it in a different way. But i usually do a 3 card reading then expand on that each time i ask a question drawing another 3cards. Sometimes other cards wantto come out so it becomes longer.

What spreads do you guys use with the Faeries Oracle?

I havent tried a 10 card spread with them yet, does anybody find that helpful?


Most often, I lay three cards (either with or without assigned meanings) and leave it at that.

Assigned meanings can be Past-Present-Future, Situation-Advice-Outcome, or any other general three card spread. :D

diane drizzy

I too do a 3 card spread, morning, afternoon, evening. When I'm in a no brainer mode, I do a 1 card quickie. :laugh:


I usually do a daily draw, they are more my companions that anything else. However, sometimes I do use some of the spreads from the Fairy Ring Oracle using the Faeries Oracle and they are really great. We have some threads in this forum with those spreads posted.


I consistently only use one-card draws and find that they act as reflections or guidance on the issue uppermost in my mind. I wait until the card's energy/advice seems to dissipate (in relation to the issue) before I consider drawing again. Sometimes this is in an hour or sometimes it takes several days.

Sometimes I draw 2-3, but rarely.