What to do?



What do others do, how to cope when you perform a reading on a question for yourself and it shows a negative outcome, something that you do not want to happen?

I have had a few lately, and it gets depressing. I don't to be put off tarot reading.



i see it as good news- a warning so to speak. In being forewarned you can take action to make sure it doesn't happen, or that if it does, it's not as big a surprise, so you'll be able to handle it better.


Take it as a valuable learning experience. I went through the same thing this summer. I was in a horrible relationship. The cards were telling me that it was horrible...but I had myself convinced that the cards were wrong. But guess what? I was wrong. First of all, don't be depressed. You have the upperhand..you know in advance what is going on...take that knowl3dge and learn from it. Nobody likes bad times, but you can do it okay???


If I get a bad reading, I had the death and devil cards show up in the last reading I did, I try to keep an open mind about what these cards are trying to signify. Usually I can see where the cards are coming from - my life is changing again at the moment and the death and devil cards were in a positive part of the spread I did and I am struggling to get out of a hell that I've made for myself (devil) and when I'm done my life will be different (death) - so when getting a bad reading look at the other cards around them, see the situation complete with the other cards - might not be as negative as you think :) Hope this helps


I was always told that one golden rule about Tarot reading, is that the cards only tell you what will happen, if you don't change anything; if you carry on how you were when you did the reading.

If ou get a bad outcome in a reading, then you can still change things in your life to stop that from happening!



Despite the emotional prejudice one may possess for favoring one outcome over another, I see it as divine guidance. As such, it represents an impartial "reckoning" or "overview" based on the accumulated energies up to the moment of the throw or reading.
Aside from that vantage point of higher ground (which I occasionally see as a position akin to 7-Wands), it can also serve as a warning/heads up as to what *may* be coming. Much of what *may* be lies in how one chooses to use that information. It may prompt one to search for other options--& in that itself may be seen as a saving grace. Being forearmed with knowledge can always confer a better position & can serve as preparation. I liken it to that Boy Scout motto: "Be prepared".



I agree with what the others have written about this, but I have another question in this area, something that has been bugging be a looooong time...!

What about when you lay out a spread, any spread that has some form of "future" and/or "outcome" position/s, and all the cards are positive ones, you get all three of cups, ten of pentacles, 2 of cups, queen of wands etc - and then you end up having ten of swords for future and death for outcome. (Vague example, but I think you get the picture...!) What I mean when you make a reading where the outcome is the only negative card, even though all the other cards seem to be signaling harmony and good times...!

Any theories?

Jenny :)


Hi Jenny-Li
What a great question. I had that happen to me on a reading for myself. I'am starting my own business and was going to see someone who would be possibly selling my product. All the cards came out positve but the out come card was the 10 of swords ruin. And sure enough she loved my stuff but if I was to sell to her I would make little or no profit. So of course the cards where right. But looking at the cards before I went did not make any sense. Hope that helps. Blessings