What would you make of this lucid dream?


My dream self awoke in this room, it's dark. I move to the door, turn the knob - it opens! This has never happened before. In previous lucid dreams, my hand either passes through the door knob or I stumble through the closed door. When I open it this time though, the corridor is so narrow that the door can't fully open - it opens outwards, but can't go the full 90 degrees, let alone past that. Right in front of me is another closed door that I don't want to open - I have a bad feeling about it.

I should mention that as soon as I moved in the previous room, I felt an unseen force holding my left hand. It was pulling me back. It would tug at me the entire dream.

Anyway, back to the corridor. I squeeze out the old room, head right instead of going for the door in front of me. At that end of the corridor is a door, with another door on its left perpendicular to it. I start to open the one at the end. The force tugs me back even more, I resist, I pull away from it. The door next to me swings open by itself. I note that it is an empty toilet. Looks clean, even if spooky. I turn my gaze away from that and focus on opening the other door. I succeed, walk into the room. It's dark, what's in it is unclear. The force is really tugging me back now; I ask my guides for help and manage to tug it into the room with me, but start to feel like ok I want to wake up now, which I do after some effort - I wake up to a tugging sensation on my left hand.

So I guess the force tugging my dream/astral self's left hand is actually my physical self, while I go off exploring that spooky house? And my guides' way of helping me is helping me to wake up...


I'm not sure if it means anything. I'd look at it like feeling out your lucid dream self. You were listening to little hunches and sensitive to the tug. To me, it's almost as if you're too sensitive, relying too much on these sensations. It was, after all, just a house and some rooms. I'd look at it like a lesson, getting an understanding for what sensations should guide you without thought, and some things you should think yourself through. I think if it means anything, it's a lesson in listening to yourself and trusting yourself all the way. I don't think you were approaching anything scary.

The one thing in lucid dreams I've yet to master is doing what I want to do. And maybe you're just getting ahold of that. I don't know.


Thanks for your input SweetSiren. I became aware I was lucid dreaming not long into it, and this is not my first time...but it does feel like the first time I'm in control to some degree, because this time I'm aware and making decisions based on that. In previous dreams I felt like I was in a drunken fog, but this time I'm more curious, sure of my actions. Apprenensive, but curious, like one of those infuriating characters in a horror movie lol.

I wonder if the house is the astral aspect of the actual house I'm living in right now.

Yes, I think trusting and listening to myself is a lesson. Also learning not to fear, and to trust that I'm being guided. What I asked for in the astral, I got - help. Like see we're listening to you, & ok, that's enough for today :)