Whats the maximum time span you covered?


After you did a reading (presuming you did one to gain some insight as to what the future might bring you) I'm sure you also keep an eye open as to the maximum timespan being covered. But most books I've read so far (not that many mind you) usually speak of the "distant future" and/or the "nearby future". So when looking at how people keep journals to their readings this idea suddenly popped into my mind.


I assume we exclude "Year" spreads specifically designed to give you a look at the up-coming calendar year.


The range has been from the same day to about 2 years.


I choose one year because I have done 12 card spreads, one for each month... Generally I would consider 'future' to be any time from now... usually within one to three months though...


IMO the future is changeable and inorder to predict te future correctly i try to limit my readings within 7 days.
So many things can happen in so little time that the future can look totally different!


I still don't consider myself skilled and experienced - it's almost 4 years I am enjoying Tarot and Aeclectic (they came together :))and soon I'll become an "Elder" (ouch!!!! I think I'll ask Solandia to cut down my posts number). However, I had to choose more than 1 year.

This truly happened to me: I gave a reading last June (I know it is not a year yet, though...) and it was one of my first readings for people I knew - I'd rather have strangers - but I was so concentrated and focused! I really wanted to help that friend, she was in a very difficult phase...
The reading I gave to her was full of Majors, in the first place, and I had the feeling that she was about to do something (she'd be moving, later I knew) that would have implied a postponed effect of my reading. It talked of her family, of the past showing up again, of truces and retuns... It was telling me she'd have waited long - at least, it was clear her destiny would have waited her to gte back home! :D

To sum up, the "prophecy" is slowly proceeding... and I really hope it will, for her sake! :). Soon it will be a year, and I am a bit sceptic about it's validity (I should read for her again). Yet, she tells me (I have noticed that too) I was accurate enough...
how can this be? Shouldn't things have changed in the meantine? :confused:


I assume you mean a predicted amount of time for an event to occur, correct? (ooh, i sounded snooty there. attitude adjusted.)

The only very clear indication of a specific time period I ever recieved during a reading was one I did for a friend of mine who wanted to know if she should move to London. From the spread I could tell that she'd already made up her mind, and if an opportunity presented itself, she'd be gone.

There were about 5 cards in the spread that were 7's. I mentioned this to her and said that 7 weeks seemed too soon, and 7 years too far away, so I took it to mean approx. 7 months. She suggested it may mean her birth date (July, she's a Cancer).

The reading was done at the beginning of last October, and a few weeks ago she told me she'd be moving in June. That's pretty darn close if you ask me!

Rhiannon :)


I do not do readings specifically to include a time element but it can seem to be addressed within the context of a throw.
Like Rhiannon, multiples of a numbered minor arcana will seem to refer to this; even the number of Majors.

Original Destiny

Sometimes I get the hint of an event that is quite a way in the future,,could be a few years...this can come in any reading...but is usually a rare occurance...:TFOOL

Original Destiny

OH YES...whilst I'm thinking on it...I can often get the reverse...in the past...especially with people...I sometimes see them near the client and can describe thier physical attributes...:TWOR