What's with the lizards?


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Have been spending " quality time" with my new Robin Wood deck, and it got me thinking about something that it has in common with the Rider Waite - the lizard theme in the Wand-suit. I think it's in the court cards only, but I haven't really been a good girl and made any real reseach regarding this, I just thought I'd throw out the question... I bet I'm the only one who haven't figured it out yet...!

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They are Salamanders, Salamanders are Fire Elementals, at least when calling a circle thats what I use, Wands are fire cards, hence Salamandars on the cards :)



The King of Wands in the Wait deck has all salamanders 'eating' their tails, while the knight and page does not.
This is part of the symbology of the cards. The salamanders with thier tails in thier mouths, is like coming full circle, completeness. The knight's salmanders are about taking astion towards it's completness and for the page it's about the wholeness of self.


Salamanders not lizards - sorry...! :) And thanks for your answers, they were great!

Most books I've seen (as I've mentioned in other posts the variety of Tarot literature in this country is rather narrow, I'll have to order it on-line... and then I usually go with what I know...!) deal with one deck and the general card "meanings" - do you know any good books that deal with the symbolism on the detail-level, like salamanders with tails in their mouths and such...? Or is that the kind of info you get by listening to experienced people like you guys...? ;)

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Tarot Companion by Tracy Porter has a small symbolism dictionary included. I also remember hearing from hmmm (Taliesan? Thirteen? someone else?????) Dictionary of Symbols by Cirlot is really good.
It's out of print, and the copy at my library is reference. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about the Cirlot book. I'd be glad of some suggestions too. I'm looking for a copy of the Cirlot book, but it would be nice to find something in print, too.


Cirlot's Dictionary of Symbols is excellent and a must-have in my opinion. Yes, it's out of print, but you can generally find used copies very easily. Start with Amazon or bibliofind.com - I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a copy pretty easily.



Thanks for the tip - will be tricky to find from here probably, but I will give it a go! No easy-to-find, generally heard of Tarot-books that deal with these things?? Are all the books that they give out based on giving card meanings only? Amazing...

Jenny :)


You were right Mojo, I found a copy through Powells. Very decent price, too. (I love Powells, and no, I am not an employee or paid to advertise for them, LOL. However - I would like to live in the store for a year or so. :D)
I agree with you Jenny, it would be great to find a book in print that focused on symbolism just for Tarot. Heart of the Tarot by Sandra Thomson et.al. also refers to some of the symbolism, and the back of Mastering the Tarot by Eden Gray (which is *very* dated, but still in print) has a very simple little glossery.


78 Degrees of Wisdom usually has details to this degree. But not always.

isthmus nekoi

would the salamander eating its tail be related to the symbol of the snake eating its tail/ouroborous?