What's your first/earliest post?


I can't remember nor could find my first ever post but I do remember my first time offering readings here (which was also the first time I offered reading to anyone other than myself).

I was honest, very honest and said what I thought about the cards without thinking about the feeling of the seeker. She left very emotional and couldn't sleep till the next day and PMed me about it. I felt really bad. A year on, we are now friends and the reading, although it was brutal (and harsh), but was pretty accurate.




it didn't show up in my watched , for it was archived.
on the same day I responded to a reading for lili by kiama (which made me just message kiama just now ) . ( I did that about 3 times since I joined, bad protocol I know)

and here is my first reading offer.

surprisingly enough I was about after 5 days after I joined.

I think I made a spiritual post before that, and afterwards but see here is what happened with the spiritual forum..
at the beginning as old timers will remember it was free so I posted a lot there,
so I made this post the first day I joined
would have to be a subscriber to read it.

(at the time it was easier to believe in channeling then in reading for someone who wasn't here,, least if I remember. )


My search only goes back to 1000 posts - which either means I talked too much or still cant work this forum right LOL !

Glass Owl

I found my first post and the last sentence of it is still true today!

"I feel truly blessed to be a part of a place where a love for tarot and the search for inner knowledge has brought so many wonderful people together to share and learn from each other."


Mine was just an introduction - it brought tears to my eyes reading the thread just now, because I see so many respondants who are long gone from the boards: Khatruman, Hedera, Major Tom, wavebreaker, Mimers, zorya, Maan, rota, cheekyminx, Scorpion. That was February 16, 2003. *sigh*

I remember most of those names especially Major Tom and Cheekyminx!!

The Happy Squirrel

25 June 2014. Introducing myself. Gosh that was along intro.... :D :)


How long would it take you to go through 72,188 posts, :D i remember when you were on like 20,000 posts when i first joined.
It's not the number - it is getting back to earlier than a year or so ago :) Anyone with more than 1000 will have similar issues.

Rose Lalonde

My first I can see (1,000 ago) was signing up for Deck of the Week #152. I'd been reading with the same 2 decks on and off for years and signed up at AT when I decided to learn about different decks and styles of reading.


For folks who've been unable to retrieve posts made from over 1 year ago and/or have made over 1000 posts:

rwcarter said:
Searches are limited to 1000 results and you have more than 1000 posts, so.... The only other way to do it is to do an advanced search in specific forums for your posts and show the results as posts instead of threads. You'll have better luck finding it that way.

**** ...So, give this a try: ****

Trogon said:
1) Go to the forum's main page.

2) Click "Search" in the blue menu bar and select "Advanced Search".

3) Type your user name in the "Search by User Name" block and set the option to "Find threads started by user". Or if you feel you may have posted in an existing thread, set it to "Find posts by user".

4) Under "Search Options" set "Find Posts from" to A Year Ago and the next button to "And Older"

5) Also under "Search Options" set "Sort Results by" to "Thread starting date" and "ascending order".

6) Set "Search in forums" to only 1 forum (such as "Talking Tarot").

This all limits the number of posts that are found. You may have to do a few searches to find your very first post, but it should work for you.

Cheers and good luck.


If we're going back, it could be interesting to remember that once upon a time AT did go down, due to (I think) a hacker attack, and everything was erased. I couldn't find much mention of it in threads aside from one, the first thread posted after the forums were back up.


It's from 2001, two years before I joined. Was anyone here then?